Tribal Tripping: Trump 29 Casino - Coachella, CA

Are you up to the Chicken Challenge?

Posted by Chuckmonster

We returned to the main area of the casino to check out the table games. 35 or so tables in all, games include Double and Multiple Deck BlackJack (minimums from $2-$25 - mostly $5 and some $10 with decent Vegas-style rules, two splits only on aces, dealer stands on all 17s, 6 card burn, double down on anything), two Three Card Poker tables, MiniBaccarat, and PaiGow. There are no craps tables and one automated roulette game (does this count as a table game?) The dealers are mostly young men, and some of them are inexperienced, but all are friendly. Drink service is available at table games and my rum and coke cost $3 + $1 tip (there are no free drinks in California - by law.) We had a nice run at a $5 blackjack table, Miss Monkay hit a nice split/double on both situation with $15 original bet which the dealer busted on, and I played steady until i was up about $40. Miss Monkay then took numerous hits and siphoned off most of my winnings (we share chips when one of us gets short stacked) eventually i left the table with $85 of my original $100, the rest went to bail out Miss Monkay who got shut out.

We cashed in the chips and hit the slots... Wild Cherry 25cent and Red, White and Blue machines mostly. Miss Monkay hit some booty here as did I. These by far were the loosest slots of all the Tribal joints we've been to. Unlike Pechanga, which operates as an ATM in Reverse, the slots at Trump 29 actually gave out money. Miss Monkay then moved to the Video Poker as I took my winnings to the BlackJack table, she won a $100 and I won another $40... I should've won more if I didn't push my split ace 21's after a joker at the table hit a 13 against a dealer five (he got a 10 and busted - which would've busted the dealer - again I lost $60 bucks on another players' error. Sheesh!)

Miss Monkay and I then saddled up for some tandem Video Poker playing, and she partook in The Donalds' great pay schedule on Ace kicker 4-of-a-kind bonuses. She pulled another $200 from the normally tight video poker machines... I on the other hand lost the $40 I made at blackjack. I wandered over to the $1 slots and plunked $20 into the Red White and Blue (my current favorite). This machine was paying 2 credits on any payline red 7, 4 credits on any payline white 7 and 6 credits on any blue payline 7. Interesting. I played for a while, dropped another $20 into the machine then hit a two color 7 | 7 | 7 - paying $50. I cashed out into a bucket and left.

Miss Monkay, fresh from her big win at Video Poker had hit the Wheel of Crack, I mean, Wheel of Fortune $1 progressive, which she pulled $100 more out of pretty quickly... then it ran cold. Ice fucking cold, and took all the bread she had dropped into it, including the Video Poker bonanza. Yikes. Seeing this misfortune, i decided to head back to the $1 Red, White and Blue machine and play a little bit more... I was intrigued by this liberal any 7 payline payout. I spun for a bit and hit another multi color triple 7. Miss Monkay came by as it happened and started giggling... I cashed out to a bucket, dropped 3 more dollar coins into it and kept playing... again I hit another multi color triple 7, cashed out to the bucket and handed the dollar coin full bucket to Miss Monkay and kept playing... 5 spins later another $50 payout, another bucket full of coin. Miss Monkay took the buckets to the cage to cash them out. While she was gone, I hit again... this time White 7 | Red 7 | Blue 7. I nearly shat my pants thinking I had won the 12,000 payout... but the big payout is Blue | White | Red. Still another $50 wouldn't hurt... I laughed so loudly that the people around me started oogling. Miss Monkay came back and her eyes popped out of her head seeing another bucket full of cash. Crazy. I played for another 4 minutes, and set a limit of $20 to gamble with... the machine ate it and we walked away $250 richer. Sweeet!

We cashed the coins and played a little more 25 cent slots before I decided to take $100 bucks to the BlackJack table and bet very agressively. $20 on the first hand 20, win. $20 on second hand 18, lost. $20 on third hand A-9 push. $20 + $20 on an A-5 double down, lost. $25 on a BlackJack win. $20 on a 20 win. All in all I turned the $100 into 140 bucks and left. We giggled our way back to the Red, White and Blue ATM machine, played a bit more, hit the restrooms then bolted.

All-in-all I'd have to say that the Trump29 experience was fantastic, the place is hip, classy and has lots of real gambling fun... lower limits, less crowded than other Tribal casinos, looser slots, great vibes and I left the place with a bunch more loot than I came with. We're definitely going back... and i'm going to challenge the chicken this time.

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I would agree generally with this article’s assessment, with one caveat. The change in management from the Trump organization to the Indian tribes has lowered the class and professionalism of the management staff. The Trump organization did create a nice casino and hotel, and for the average person their stay should be fine, as long as you spend your money and don’t win too much.

Speaking from experience, when I tried to cash out, I had a manager and three security guards show up and threaten not to pay out, because my signature was supposedly not legible on a declaration form; this was in spite of showing identification and explaining it was my signature. Also, even though I was in the process of leaving, the manager and security verbally harassed me on the way out. Needless to say, the average experience should be better, as the basic work staff is responsive and helpful. All things being equal, I would prefer not to support a casino, whose management is so utterly lacking in professionalism and class

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