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I stayed in one of these a short while ago (the blue/green version). Didn't have the darkness issue at all like this one here. Also, it's a steal- I think I paid $75 more a night on top of the basic room rate to upgrade at check-in (and on a weekend no less). It was without a doubt the best bargain luxury room I've seen.

I am 100% diggin it. The whole spiel. Even the dark hallways. LOVE IT.

I never thought I'd say this but looking at these pictures, I would actually stay here over the Wynn/Encore regardless of a budget. The Mirage, a 21 year old property wins me over the Wynn! Wow!

I think the dark colors are gorgeous (surprise! the goth likes dark design!). It looks different to Aria... more warm and less curvy. It is true that it seems somewhat de-themed but I think it fits in with the tropical-ness pretty well, if abstractly. The dark, warm colors seem to go well with a hot steamy tropical day... or something like that.

Overall, I like it. I still think that the Mirage will be sold to Phil Ruffin eventually. Circus Circus and Slots - O - Fun will be sold eventually to someone.

Wow. Prett-ay Prett-ay nice.
Considering this is the only joint that I've been staying lately (thanks MGM Mirage Players Club!), I bet that I can get these rooms at a bargain. See you in February Mirage Tower Suites!

The tv tomb looks to be the same one they use in the Bellagio Cypress Suites. And the one there did the same thing as this one.
They must take alot of maintenance.

2 summers ago I stayed right under this bad boy, in A36. The room was still the old design, and even though everything was pretty beat, it was still a pretty sweet suite. But it was the hallway that seemed like it was most in need of an update. Dark reds and golds, but it all just seemed soooo warn out. When I first saw some pictures of the new designs, I really was not all that thrilled, but this must be another color scheme, and I love it.

If only.

If only MGM took this design language with all their projects - contemporary, sleek, and at the same time warm and inviting, they'd be subject to *significantly* less criticism.

When they first announced the renovations of the suites loooong before recessive times, they said they'd make an effort to differentiate the Penthouses with the Tower Suites. After seeing these shots and reading the review, I can hardly see a difference between the two as opposed to their last iteration.

Any difference between a Tower Suite and a Penthouse Suite? Stayed in a Penthouse Suite in 2006, and it was very shabby. Maintenance couldn't get the TV to rise from its chest during two nights I was there.
The renovated Tower Suite in these photos is much, much better. Great tour!

Well, it's definitely an improvement over the "faded glory" that The Mirage's suites had turned into. It doesn't quite match the opulence of Steve Wynn's and Roger Thomas' original design, but then again it's no longer a Steve Wynn joint. Honestly, I wouldn't mind staying there.

I was one of the "oh dear god" people when I saw these suites in the preview photos, but this one looks pretty nice.

I had considered an Aria corner suite in the past after seeing that article, but I think I actually like this one more.

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