The Tropicana Takes Off

Photo Review By VT Reader TwoFours

Posted by Chuckmonster

Trop 24 Can

Commode area. Toilet roll with shrapnel cover. The new wallpaper is peeling a little at the cove tile all around bathroom. The floor tile has one of those "always seems dirty" matte no gloss finishes. I think they could have picked a tile conducive to hotel bathroom floors. Spare roll hiding. Push lever for quiet turbo assisted power flush.

Trop 24 Shower

Speaking of tile, the shower tile had me confused. Couldn't tell if it was original, really cool retro, a discount buy or leftover 80's pool tile. It is a fired porcelain but hmmm. Good flow and temps for shower. Clean tub with a little sluggish drain but never left your feet in a puddle.

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Nice to see some quality, mid-level priced, new-ish digs on the Strip. Not being part of some SuperChain is nice, too.

Shame about the resort fee, though.

For those rooms to have been "brand new" the furniture is already beat the fuck up.
It's totally a far cry from their old rooms though! I don't think they re-did the shower, only the sink and maybe the tile.

I'm predicting the Mob exhibit will be a huge hit.

I honestly think they didnt give the smoking floors as big of an overhaul as the rest of the building, probably because they figured cigarette burns and smoke would dirty up the rooms really fast anyway. The room I stayed at (Nonsmoking King on the 8th) a few weeks ago was a far cry from the beat up furniture in these photos, everything looked brand new. The bathroom tile was much more contemporary than the tile in this report too. In fact, my room pretty much matched the model rooms that everyone has seen photos of! Great stay. Gotta love the trop.

perhaps its time for me to get my eyes check... that furniture doesn't look beat up at all. ?

Thanks so much for the great review. I only got to spend a little bit of time at the Trop during my last trip in the Summer, but what I saw I really liked. It seems really bright and fresh now. I just got back from a weekend on the gulf coast of Florida, and the room I stayed in was very similar to these new Trop rooms. I love the direction Tropicana is headed. Thanks again for the review and pictures.

@AntMan Woot! Shoutout from the Gulf coast (of FLorida)

@Chuckmonster I guess it's only the old ass lookin shower and the beat up stand the TV is on

"Help Save Our Planet" may save a little water, but the real purpose is cut down on housekeeping and laundry staff. The more people who feel guilty and opt to re-use their sheets, the fewer employees the Trop needs.

What's up with the hair dryer in a bag? What's that for?

Not so much staff, it saves a ton on water & energy costs for the hotel. Those costs are not trivial by any means (however one feels about "saving the earth"). And it makes sense.

I kinda want to do one of their penthouses. Hmm.

I just came back from Vegas and stayed at the Trop. The furniture in the Island Tower was new but the showerhead in the bathrooom wasnt fully attached to the wall. The TV was sweet as was the furniture but i didht have a couch in my room; just the glass desk and two chairs with it. The dining selection wasnt that great. Bucio was closed Sunday night and all day Monday. The staff was very friendly. I did have a problem with the resort fee because you arent getting anything for it. So, in response i snagged all the pens and the toiletries. The gladiator shield on the toilet paper dispenser was cool. The only bad thing about the trip was the construction guys at 7am in front of the hotel jackhammering right outside the entrance. My trip ended catching the shuttle and watching hookers yelling at a cabbie while the staff tried to calm them down.

Thanks for this! Staying here in January, and was looking forward to seeing the changes. We stayed here last January, and they were just beginning to update. Can't beat the price.

I stayed at the Trop last month. Staff was really friendly. The only complaint is that the shutters, while they look great, let in a lot of light.

@Chuck, I thought the TV stand picture showed a couple nicks in the picture on first glance.

Anyway, thanks for the room review, looking forward to my stay there, visited the casino last week and I was very impressed with the changes, new slot chairs are extremely comfortable and an old venerable property (The Mirage) could take a lesson from those.

Nice churchill cigar and some crown: you roll like I roll!

@levans Hotels don't mind you taking the sundries and pens. That is why they often put the hotel name all over them.

The last time I went into the Trop was during the darkest days of Columbia-Sussex. Drab and dirty pretty much described the entire property then, so I was amazed at how clean everything looks in these pictures. While south Strip is not my preferred location, based on recent reports like this I would give the Tropicana serious consideration over Luxor and Excalibur, and perhaps even MGM Grand.

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