The Hard Rock's HRH Penthouse Photo Tour

You Have Got To See This

Posted by Chuckmonster

There's a TV in here too and...

Hrh Penthouse Couch

A dining area fit for the Osbournes.

Hrh Penthouse Dining

Which also spills back into the goldschlageracuzzi.

Hrh Penthouse Jacuzzi Entry

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Comments & Discussion

F'ing sick. Pretty cool. Spy on the people in the pool from your private pool. Nice nice room

I was just wondering where I could find some peace and quiet to enjoy a little Goldschlager and read about Brian Wilson without having to bring my own book. (Dr. Dave-- More proof of books in Las Vegas!) Awesome. Thanks, Anonymous.

There are 4 penthouse suites each with a different flavor. I believe this one is known as the spa suite (hence all the tubs). The second bedroom appears to be an adjoining standard room (which are really nice in their own right). I highly recommend a stay in one of the HRH Tower's standard rooms and currently the price is right on them.

schweet digs. i like the dark wood.

you said wood. seriously though, that has to be one of the nicest rooms i've seen. if only they had a tiles game over at HRH...

McCallan 21.......oh my. I got to sample some of that once. Like drinking heaven.

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