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Delicious.. Great review!

I might be forgetting one, but is this the first solid review for a dining establishment at Aria? Properly prepared food? Waiter recommendations that are helpful? Reasonably priced? Way to go Aria...

That looks like good food, and I will have to try it on my next trip, but $4.50 for a soda?!

Dammit, now I've got a craving for some dumplings. Every time I got to my local Japanese restaurant of choice, I always get an order of Gyoza and I love the dipping sauce it comes with (I'll pour what's left over my fried rice.).

I think I'll add this to the list of places to eat my next trip.

The $4.50 soda has unfortunately become a standard on the strip. I know that's what it costs at Bellagio Cafe, for example. Greedy bastards.

Count me as unimpressed by Lemongrass. Sure, it was well-executed, but it was also pretty ordinary old Thai food. I'm not normally the guy who bitches about high restaurant prices in Vegas, but this place really was just a dressed up and not necessarily better version of every Thai takeout place I've ever been to.

I concur with your review. Excellent prompt service and respectable food even if the prices are a tad high. Definitely a hidden gem tucked in the bowels of Aria.

You must have been on a bender...
$72.43 12.57 = $85.00 not $90.00 :)

I too walked right past the SkySuites security without them saying anything.

Union got a solid review too, and Julian Serrano has had its share of rave reviews (justifiably, IMO).

When I ate at Lemongrass, they had a delicious duck/pork ramen, too.

When reviews of Sage and Jean Georges Steakhouse come in, I'm sure they'll be positive. Both satisfied me greatly and I'm pretty jaded.

There are plently of nice places at Aria. Jean Georges, Sage and Julian Serrano are the best IMO, but Sirio is also very good.

Bender it was. I'm sure they got whatever the higher tip was. So much vodka...

Great photos. The dumplings and Pad Thai look as good as you described them. Nice to read a positive piece on Aria for a change.

Wow, over 80 bucks for 2 people to eat decent Thai? I know this is Vegas, but that's ridiculous. I paid that much this past weekend at Jaleo for two people, well one and a half as my friend didn't order much food, including a damn good drink and desert. Baring the Cosmo Jaleo being twice the price of the local here in DC it look like the Cosmo will be serving up a roundhouse bitchslap to every other place in Vegas, foodwise.

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