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Union Restaurant ARIA Review Tomato Soup

My entrée was much the same. While quite good and intriguingly presented, the chicken was, in the end, just a few tender slices of poultry. It was seasoned correctly and tasted just as one would expect well-prepared sous vide chicken to taste, but it lacked the punch necessary to get it to stick in my mind. The spinach and parsnip puree served on the side were actually even better than the entree, but come on, nobody wants the sides to be the centerpiece of any dish. Again, the chicken was by no means bad, it just wasn't something that would make me want to rush back for more.

Union Restaurant ARIA Review Tomato Soup

Chuck's oysters, on the other hand, seemed to be a big hit. The big man slurped down six of those bad boys and couldn't help but remark on just how delicious they and their accompanying garnishes were. [Like licking foie gras off the side of a boat - CM] An achievement, then, for Union. Kudos.

Even though some of their sweeter selections sounded utterly delicious, Mr. Monster and I elected to just enjoy a bit of coffee before heading up to the aforementioned shindig. A couple cups of Juan Valdez - mixed with a little bit of Ireland's finest on my end - more awkward jokes with the waiter about whether or not Jim Murren has ever stepped foot in the place, and one check later, Chuck and I were out of the door and headed over to (PLEASE PLACE YOUR SARCASM GLASSES ON NOW) the well-guarded and exclusive entrance to the beautiful interior space that is and always will be Aria SkySuites.

My final verdict, then, on Light Group's latest place? It was good. The food was well prepared, the service was attentive, and the drinks were strong. It is a nice place, but it's a nice place in the sense that Fix and Stack are nice places. That is to say, once you've eaten at either or those two places, you know what you're going to get at Union and you're just never really surprised or astounded in any meaningful way. So if that's the kind of meal you have in mind for your Friday night, then by all means, mozey on over. You won't be disappointed, but you won't be inspired either.

Union Restaurant ARIA Review Tomato Soup

Dinner for two with drinks came out to exactly $126.48.

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Comments & Discussion

To an extent I must agree with this.

Union is high quality and very good. But it isn't "Oh my god! Yes! YES! YES! MORE! HARDER! FASTER!"

I concede, I cut my gourmet teeth in Hong Kong so I am very, very jaded. Additionally, I should add that for me to consider Union "very good" is by itself a compliment.

It is indeed very good. It isn't astronomical however. That shouldn't detract from the fact it is very enjoyable. It just isn't a religious experience.

Reviewing Union is difficult because it is hard to make "very good but not orgasmic" sound like a measured compliment rather than an insult. One thumb up might be less than two thumbs up, but it is by no means zero thumbs up or thumbs down.

I will make one unreserved recommendation; Union's Truffle Hollondaise. Oh. My. God. Truffle. Hollondaise.

Still, it is fair to say that Union is a very good restaurant. Not amazing. Not game-changing. Just a very good restaurant.

And that's a good thing. Really.

I would certainly hope they pour a strong drink for $16!

On the Aria scale, good and very good really come close to spectacular. An awkward interchange or two with the staff seems like a real step up from the oblivious isolation Chuck has previously reported.

Aside from the fantastic specialty drinks at Fix, none of the Light dining venues are particularly good. Each have the same wood beam decor, cloyingly loud atmosphere, and booming bass soundtrack which to me are quite off-putting. In particular, I would say Union has the worst designed bar of all the Light properties.

Union was briefly considered for dinner Thursday night of my trip in June. It was axed prior to the trip, as their dress code would not allow folks in shorts and button down shirts. Oh well, the group took their business to Todd English P.U.B. instead.

The first time I ate here I also had the Organic chicken. Although decent it was not memorable however the Brussels Sprouts I ordered as a side were delicious! I do however like being able to get a very nice meal in a very relaxed atmosphere adjacent to the Casino floor. It's nice having that caliber of food without feeling the need to go back to the room to get dressed up. It by no means even comes close to the chicken at Stripsteak who wins hands down for possibly the best 1/2 chicken ever.

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