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That Which Makes The Plate Look Pretty

Posted by Chuckmonster

I'm also starting to think that maybe the management turn over thing was a myth. Or they didn't turn it over to get better help, they turned it over to get less expensive and less experienced help. And like magic, the bus from the Gulf arrives and out jumps my Shrimp cocktail.

Cafe Vettro Shrimp

Six shrimp, one side all twisted together, the other side somewhat twisted but with a scraggler trying to make its way back into the ocean. In addition to the shrimp came this oddity:

Cafe Vettro Cocktail Sauce

Cocktail sauce, yeah... but what is... uh... that. Browned lettuce heels, a shard of spinach and various other green leafy crumbs arranged, like... what the fuck? I point at the plate and ask my server "what is this?" "Cocktail sauce." I move my finger closer to the leafy bits and repeat myself "what is this?" "That makes the plate look pretty." Excuse me, I have to go retrieve my jaw... while I'm doing that read this description of Cafe Vettro from ARIA's website:

Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, Cafe Vettro serves your favorite dishes in a casual and contemporary environment. Garden areas and natural elements provide relaxing dining settings while terraced seating and floor-to-ceiling windows allow for stunning views at any hour.

It certainly is telling how the entire description is about the architecture and not one word of it is about the food. Unless the "natural elements" they mention is this plate of wayward lettuce. It certainly isn't one of my "favorite dishes."

Varnish isn't garnish.

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You forgot to mention how huge this diner is, what an enormous amount of the west atrium it takes up. Or as a Bellagio waitress told me, "How are they going to fill this huge room?"

Last time I checked, they still only had cheddar and bleu cheese for the burgers. But at least they still had Canuck-favourite Poutine.

Oh, I forgot: Those rocks in the terraced pyramid thing at the entrance? Smooth river rock. They had to haul all those stones from a shore somewhere to Vegas.

That is a crap-ton of rock.

This needs to be mandatory reading today for Murren, McBeath and Baldwin. Then, the question is, what will they do about it? How can Aria and CityCenter be so devoid of inspiration and pride?

How could they even think to serve the cocktail sauce on a plate of lettuce trash? That's completely appalling!

I might be one of Aria's fans, but out of all the places I ate, I was least happy with Cafe Vettro.

Lets see.... I woke up that morning after having a nightmare, and I was in a bad-ish mood (this was my last day in Vegas) so I went downstairs to have an Eggs Benedict and a Pomegranate Mojito (I highly recommend the latter cocktail).

Eggs Benedict wasn't bad. But it was bland and unremarkable.

I think it is fair to say that at least at the times of this review AND my time staying at Aria, the best thing about Cafe Vettro is the aesthetics.

On the bright side, the drink (and my immediately-afterward trip to the blackjack table where I won a few hundred bucks) did cheer me up.

I agree that CV does need to work on the food.

This sounds like most 24 hr cafe's now (unfortunately) The first time I took my lovely bride to Vegas we had late night eats at the Flaming-0 and she was scared by the fast service (asking what you want to eat before you get a menu almost and getting a bill before your food arrives, etc). I had to explain to her that they treat you like that cause they want you gambling not eating.

That doesn't excuse any Casino owner tho, food is a huge part of any trip and even the late night grub, or quick cafe meal should still be served with a smile and some sort of care on food quality and presentation (if one of my cooks put out a plate like that cocktail sauce one, I would have to destroy them!!)

Is that a skid-mark on your pretty sauce plate?

From the way it sounds, Cafe Vettro makes the typical greasy spoon diner look like a high class restaurant in regards to the grub and presentation.

I'm of the opinion that a casino's 24 hour "coffee shop" should be unpretentious and rather utilitarian in decor and the food typical "comfort food". These are the sort of places where you really don't care about the decor because you're either three sheets to the wind, on the cusp of being sober, hungover or just sleep deprived. As for the food, think of the food at places like Waffle House, Denny's, IHOP, Bob's Big Boy, and Cracker Barrel. This is the sort of food the typical casino coffee shop patron is wanting. They could care less about some froufrou gourmet burger.

Some resorts think that gussying up the menus and the decor of their so-called coffee shops making them more upscale is a good idea. Some resorts still stick to the the tried and true of what makes a coffee shop a coffee shop. I remember eating at Kady's at the Riv several times during my first trip to Vegas and the food was pretty good and was miles better than eating at a buffet or a fast food outlet. The old coffee shop at Binion's was definitely the epitome of an old school Vegas coffee shop. Du-Par's at the Golden Gate definitely picks up the mantle of being an old school coffee shop and elevates it to levels rarely seen in such quarters.

Can you imagine if you had picked the chicken!!!

If you go there late at night, (at around 2 am) it should be known that Cafe Vettro is _directly above_ the nightclub 'Haze'. The 'oontz oontz oontz' bleeds up to the cafe with amazing strength. Depending upon where you sit, your ass is literally vibrating from the thumping bass below. So don't expect a quiet nighttime snack if Haze is going.

Chuck, I had a similar experience to yours. I ordered a pasta dish, and when it was served I could tell that it was obviously made hours before. The noodles were rubbery and chewy. That and apparently the chef thought a good way to hide its age was to saturate the whole thing in salt.

I also got to watch the waiters converse with one another. Like Attica, I also got a nice loud soundtrack to eat to. But I also got the added pleasure of having a drunk senior citizen couple eat and make out at the same time.

So what I'm trying to say is - I give this place an A . For fail.

I wanted to ask where everyone's "never fail 24 hour cafe" is? What's the place that you go to that never seems to let you down at 4 in the morning when you're looking for some post-buzz pre-hangover eats?

Aria should re-purpose this space (along w/ Bar Masa). Honestly, I think they wound up with too much space and just tried to fill it with something.

Union should become the 24hr cafe. Their food is already at the right quality level.

Thank you for the review, while I had no intentions of trying anything at Aria (just nothing that catches my attraction, and knowing they are outrageously priced, I have less incentive too). Your review though absolutely made sure that if I get a hankering for coffee shop food, I'll know to walk a bit farther for Cafe Bellagio (still in the top of its class for coffee shop food and service).

It's been awhile but my vote for an any-hour-of-day coffee shop is Mr. Lucky's at the Hard Rock. Cafe Bellagio isn't bad but is too expensive unless it is a comp. Worst is Bally's and Sahara, although I've never been to the gross looking one at Circus Circus.

The greens on the plate were the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.
The white bowl of cocktail elegant.
I'm going to meet some people at Haze Wed. I'll peek in.

Nachos at 4am in the Sherwood Forest Cafe keeps me coming back to Vegas.

My go to 24 hr eating joints are America at NYNY, Victorian Room at Bill's, Coffee Shop at TI and Dupar's at Golden Gate.

Good late night but not 24 hour BLT Burger at Mirage, Grotto at Golden Nugget, Serendipity 3 at Caesars and First Food and Bar

Nice review. The money quote:

"It certainly is telling how the entire description is about the architecture and not one word of it is about the food."

This pretty much describes the whole Aria concept. Substitute food for gambling, fun, quality service, etc.

I have a theory on the security certificate thing, since I had a similar issue a few weeks ago.

You stayed at Aria previously and were on the guest Wi-Fi, thus your iPhone knew to use that network again, only this time you didn't have access as you weren't a guest and thus anything that tried to use SSL was intercepted by their paywall proxy site, generating an SSL error to prevent a man-in-the-middle attack.

CityCenter offers campus-wide Wi-Fi but you have to pay for it or be a guest to use it.

My top 24 hours are Cafe Bellgaio for expensive and the one at the California for cheap.

Other good choices on the Strip are Pyramid Cafe at Luxor (better now after partial renovation and rehiring staff), Planet Dailies at the Planet Ho, and Agustus Cafe at Caesars. My worsts are some of donnymac's bests: America at NYNY (always super slow, without fail) and the Coffee Shop at TI (overpriced).

Not 24 hours, but I swear by Le Burger Brasserie at Paris and The Garden Grill at Circus Cricus. Yes, Circus Circus.

I'm a Mr. Lucky's or America guy. America used to have this awesome biscuits and gravy dish but it wasn't on the menu last time I was there. My heart thanks them, but my stomach misses it.

What about Grand Lux Cafe at The Venetian|The Palazzo? 24hrs. excellent menu and the food is never bad.

While staying at Aria which I actually like pretty well, I made the mistake of going to Cafe Vettro because I didn't want to wait on room service and I was tired from a long day in Las Vegas.First sign I should have left was a completely empty dining room. Horrible food and crazily overpriced. A Philly steak sandwich was tasteless and cold. I believe it was $16.00, bland chewy fries and get this...a diet coke was $4.50!!! That's what they charge at the mini bar in my room! Shameful and a complete rip off. When I voiced my concerns about the food and the pricing the manager shrugged his shoulders and said and I quote, "it is what it is". Wow, try America at NYNY or First Food at Palazzo. Mr. Lucky's 24/7 was always an old stand by but it's not what it used to be.

Hilarious review! Love the part about the greens on the plate. Personally though, I like this cafe. I've ate there two or three times, each of them for breakfast. I've had the Eggs Benedict which I thought was good but would certainly label as "standard fare" considering I ordered that same dish at the MGM Grand's 24 hour cafe where it had the exact same presentation and everything. And the real stand out: Cream of Wheat.

I've had the Cream of Wheat after a friend of mine ordered it when we first ate there... Good. They bring out brown sugar and butter with the Aria labeled on it and everything... Good. The best Cream-o-Wheat I ever had hands down.

My only disappointment with this place is the simple fact that their late night menu leaves much to be desired. Moreover, it is such a huge space and they tend to make people wait despite the restaurant being half empty. Lastly, it feels very Disney World in there. I always get a waiter/waitress from another country with an accent and their nametag on, usually friendly and smiley... Like at Disney World. That's weird to me.

Planet Dailies at PHo or Central Michael Richard at Caesar's are the only places I will eat at late.

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