The Satin Casino Jacket

The Coolest Threads Casino Comps Can Buy

Posted by Chuckmonster

And now... the holy grail of satin casino jackets - a Mirage / Golden Nugget reversible! (Big ups to Vespajet for pulling this one out)

Satin Jackets Nug

Luxurious red Golden Nugget....

Satin Jackets Nug Transform

Slowly. Trans. Forms. It. Self.

Satin Jackets Mirage

To The Mirage! Ta-daaaaah!

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Comments & Discussion

My favorite is the Station jacket that says "JUMBO".

Now I feel bad for tossing out my circa 2000 Aladdin jacket, it was the bomb.

"Nothing says 'great casino' like a trash collector's wind breaker."

You a funny man, Chuck, you a funny man.

Jean Scott called. She'd like you to stay out of her closet.

In 2030, it'll be the hooded sweatshirt........

I'm diggin' the Riviera jacket with the replica neon graphics on the back.

I'm going with the Showboat OFFICERS CLUB jacket

Is Stations associated with NASCAR, because that's essentially what they did to their jacket. Holy walking billboard.

You find that Excalibur jacket in XXL and I will wear it proudly!!!!

Dig the Mirage denim w/Slayer patch jacket.
I was thinking that it reminded me of my high school ensemble. Maybe I would do a Def Leppard "High n Dry" patch instead because that cover artwork is a great conversation starter.

Looks like Burt Reynolds finally had a garage sale.

If I had an awesome satin casino jacket, I would totally demand a satin comforter on my bed in that same casino. Then, I'd wear the jacket, run full speed at the bed and see if I could slide across the matress through the magic of satin-on-satin slipperiness. I think that's the technical phrase for it. Maybe I could get some satin pants, too.

Boy.......these things are BUTT UGLY

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