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This Is The Gateway To CityCenter

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Monte Carlo Monaco Suite 5

The rest of the fifth floor seemed to be in some need of repairs or better maintenance. The elevator bank on the 5th floor looked like someone had spray painted all of the doors at one point, and the hotel did the best to clean it up without much success.

The ice maker in the hallway had sprung a leak. I first discovered this heading to the soda machine and almost slid into it from the water on the floor. A few hours later there was a "Caution - Wet Floor" sign around it. A few hours after that the sign was joined by a towel on top of the wet spot. It remained that way for a day or so until one morning I was greeted by a loud banging, which upon investigation proved to be someone from maintenance hammering on the inside of the ice maker. After he left, the Caution sign and towel returned for the rest of our stay.

All in all the room worked out fine for what we needed. It was big, inexpensive, very clean and the location was perfect. The $12.95 per day resort fee covered local calls from the room, newspaper, airline boarding pass printing (which was useful) and two bottles of water a day... if you want to go through the adventure of getting them. At first I assumed housekeeping left them in your room. Not really. The front desk said you have to pick up a voucher every day of your visit at the front desk and that it only works at the Monte Carlo bars. And, that they eliminated the bottle water and will give you two glasses of water. So after trying three bars and getting turned down each time, we found out the vouchers only work at the center casino bar. So when I finally turned them in there I received... two bottles of water. I never went back for the other vouchers.

The pool is nice if you do go with a family. The complex is not so huge and confusing as others. The wave pool is really great, but not as big as the one at Mandalay Bay, which is good for younger guests. Same goes for Lazy River. The main pool was out of service for three days of my visit. I overheard the lifeguard say that someone threw a bottle that shattered in and around the pool, so they had to drain it, clean it and refill it.

The rest of the Monte Carlo experience was fine. Other than the food court, we only ate at the Cafe which was fine. We never ordered room service because the in-room dining menu was missing from our guest services booklet. There was construction in the casino, they were building a new lounge and a Minus 5 Ice Bar, but it didn't interfere with anything.

Looking back at this review, I used the word "fine" a lot. And that is just what it was, fine. Nothing that would have me complaining to the front desk, but nothing that would excite me either. It worked, and it worked well in this situation, but until the rooms get a major remodel there are plenty of other places to stay that would be more satisfying.

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Antman73, great information. Your photos and description show how MGM has cut back on cap ex. The hotel may have worked out for you and your family, but it really does look shabby. The table looks like a ferret gnawed on it, the refrigerator's scratch and vibration aren't acceptable, the elevator doors are a disgrace. And, I don't understand how a room which the front desk says is ready for check-in hasn't been cleaned. I suspect MGM's expense control efforts have included Housekeeping supervisors who are supposed to double check that rooms are prepped for new guests.
The furniture desperately needs replacement, and they should have been able to repair or replace the ice machine.
Loved the free water story! Resort Fee includes two GLASSES of water at a bar? Hah,ha,ha,hah. Glad they did give you two bottles.
I haven't seen Monte Carlo since Diablo's Cantina opened. Your photo from across the Strip is great, but it shows how out of place Diablo's is with the classic, original entrance to MC.
If Monte Carlo is the Gateway To CityCenter, it doesn't present a good image.

Your thoughts on the Monte Carlo are the same for me everytime I go in there. The place is bland, but it works if you're not expecting to much. It's like one of those roadside motels you stay at on the way of a long road trip. The threads aren't to great, but at least it's clean (in your case it wasn't clean the first time) and inexpensive.

Very nice review, and after staying there I'd agree with most of your thoughts on the property. I really wanted to like the Monte Carlo, but all of those small details definitely made me feel like I'd have a better stay elsewhere. If they do a full room remodel and a little more on the casino floor (new carpet, some better lighting). I will return, otherwise it's going to take a really nice players club offer for me to consider it.

Great review, but I think you were too forgiving. If the douchebags have moved to Encore, it looks like LA gangbangers have taken over the MC. Damaged furniture, spray-painted elevator doors, broken glass in the pool, puddles of water in the hallway: it sounds like a public housing project, not a resort hotel.

As for the water bottles, what the HELL are they thinking?? Is this unique to the MC, or is this happening at other mid-tier MGM properties? What moron came up with the idea of making you trudge down to the lobby for a complimentary glass of water?? Un-frickin-believable.

That room has not held up well. It looks like an area of a furniture store where everything is marked 'as is'
Didn't these rooms get a remodel about 3-4 years ago?
I can't believe they would allow that table to remain in the room.

As far as the water situation goes, I had a somewhat similar experience at THEhotel last month. After calling down to the front desk to inquire about what my resort fee included, she informed me that I could pick up two free vouchers for cocktails at the casino bars. Why they didn't give me these vouchers upon check-in was beyond me. So after hauling myself downstairs, I was informed by a different clerk that the resort fee no longer included two free cocktails, but instead two bottled waters. Why they weren't provided for me in the room was once again beyond me. She apologized for the operator's lack of knowledge and said she would call someone to deliver the bottle water two my room right away. After about an hour, I called once again to see where my waters were. Apparently, they never got the request, so they would send someone up immediately with my water. After about 45 minutes, a loud thump (you couldn't use the doorbell provided?) and a surly man appeared at my door with my two mini (very mini) bottles of water. After I thanked him, him stood there with the look as if I were to tip him. Are you fuckin' kidding me?

It's interesting to see this situation is similar at all MGM properties now. How sad. Did CityCenter's losses start turning MGM into Harrah's? After a 4 and a half year residency at Mandalay/THEhotel, thank God we moved to the Golden Nugget now.

Looks pretty drab and beat up for a mini-suite but at that price I guess you have to accept some compromises.

Yeah, it looks like some punk tagged the elevator doors. What's wrong with some people? Freakin' assholes.

Two glasses of free water, voucher required--is that management douchebaggery at its absolute finest, or what? Is there a Trippies category for that?

At one time, MC was my favorite property. It was a nice solid mid-level with a decent casino, nice pub, good food-court, and a great high-end restaurant (Andre's). The rooms desperately need a makeover. Hotel32 has been a bust from all reports. The spa, buffet, and sportsbook were always weak points.

Andre's is still great and under-appreciated. I also like the new italian and asian restaurants they added, but I never see anyone eating in them. Diablo's is a great bar with really crappy food. The new pub is no different than the old pub, except the new stuff just looks out of place. Brand is one of the worst steakhouses on the strip (from both a food and design perspective).

I really like the rennovated hi-limit area with a new bar. CityCenter and the tram station really boxed in the pool area. The strip definitely did not need another Minus5 (although I like ice bars when done correctly - see Red Square).

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope it was informative. The one thing I forgot to add was, when my wife finally was able to get the two free (tiny) bottles of water, the bartender waited around looking at her like he was waiting for a tip. Being the sweetheart that she is, she gave him a buck. Later that day I took the rental car to a supermarket and got a case for $3.99

interesting water situation they have going on at MC.. To answer someone's question about resort fee and bottled water at other mid-tier MGM properties I stayed in Luxor and the 2 water bottles are in the room and replenished by housekeeping daily. =)

Sweet Jesus, does the Monte Carlo want to look Ghetto? Why would that tagging remain in a Las Vegas resort hotel? Amazing..and sad..

My family and I stayed here for a night in May when we decided to extend our stay by a day (we often do this where we book two nights and then if we haven't lost too much money, stay longer). I had last stayed at the MC in 2002 and recalled it being a pretty good midrange property back then, so for $80 or so it seemed like a decent deal. What I didn't realize is that nothing has been updated since I last stayed there eight years ago. The place is tired, shabby and downright depressing. The new little shopping mall is nice enough and there's nothing evil about the place, but I frankly wouldn't stay here again. This is a boring, run down property with all the energy of a retirement home.

Thanks for the review. I've often wondered about the state of the MC rooms. Aside from the couch and a little extra space, it doesn't look a whole lot different from the $20-something room at Main Street Station where we stayed for two nights in July. The showerhead reminded me of that particularly. What's up with short showerheads? Seriously, there is space above it, which could be used for... mounting it higher. Pygmy plumbers perhaps? Also, I didn't see any damaged furniture or grafitti at MSM.

This reminds me of my first trip to Vegas, at the Luxor. Things were falling apart, service was crap, got locked out of my room for over an hour, some of the lights in my room didn't work, etc.

Honestly, since staying at Wynn, Encore, and THEhotel, my standards have risen to a level when these kinds of things are unacceptable.

I'm staying at THEhotel again in Dec and I hope this MGM bs doesn't happen to me there or it's off to Wynn and I'm never looking back.

Also, I think $100/n is a bit much for MC, based on the offers I've been getting and seeing online.

It's a suite on the Las Vegas Strip. How cheap do you think it could possibly Be?


I've stayed at THEhotel for 7 nights for cheaper. I'm staying in Dec. at THEhotel again for a total of 1200 for 7 nights, and thats during the Rodeo and the marathon. All I was saying was the price he paid was a little much for MC.

Thanks for the helpful review. I was thinking of staying at Monte Carlo just because it's so convenient to the new Tram making it pretty easy to get to City Center and Bellagio and not have to go outside. I can't believe that chipped table and the refrigerator would drive me crazy - i would have just unplugged it.

I stayed at Luxor recently too. The 2 bottles of water were about 10 or 12 ounces and appeared each day. That's quite a head scratcher to hear you have to go to the Center Bar and get sucked into tipping.

This is sad. We just got back from Vegas which was our 7th trip this year and we did go to Diablo's (great time) and gambled briefly at the MC. For the location to City Center and all the potential it has, MGM should fix it up. Im a shareholder and candidly Im embarrassed it what I read on the rooms etc. I was going to stay there in December but I just cancelled. We stayed at the Mirage this time and it was great. No complaints at all. Older property than the MC and looks 100 times nicer. Just my opinion.

Thanks for the in depth review. It doesn't make me want to run right out and stay there, that is for sure!
That Water story is hysterical!
Two GLASSES of water?

We stayed at the Monte Carlo in February on comps. The black mold around the bathtub was off-putting, to say the least. Not mentioned in the article is that the resort fee also includes access to the fitness facilities, and more importantly, the showers.

Yes fersure, you are absolutely right. The resort fee did include access to the fitness center. I never went, so I guess I just totally forgot about that part.

I don't understand this "two glasses" of water thing. I live in Arizona and a glass of water is free everywhere. Is that not the case in Las Vegas?

WOW that room is just plain BAD!! I stayed in a Spa Suite there in mid 2010 and it was actually quite nice. It actually had a nice bar area with 3 stools with a fridge that didn't rattle. The Spa is huge and against the window in the room. The bathroom had a huge stone shower with steam which really surprised me. Plus there were speakers installed in the ceiling over the bed which was nice when I hooked up an i-pod to the stereo. I was a Monte Carlo regular throughout 2010 and found out the higher floor rooms 22 and up were newly remodeled and it looks as if they must have been working their way down. The spa suite is the way to go at Monte Carlo. For a Mid Tier Property they really have been working to improve it and the location and city center accessibility can't be beat. It is however aimed at the 21-30 crowd with it's prices and ammentities but is also a great low cost spot for traveling with children. It has maybe the shortest walk from room to pool of any hotel. Taxis are extremely easy to catch because their taxi stand is located behind the hotel. The Casino floor still sucks and hopefully that along with their grumpy old pitbosses will change but converting your people in Vegas with all the Unions is difficult. I will stay at Monte Carlo again but only at heavily discounted or comped rates since I am willing to spend a bit more to get more but I would recommend it because the beds really are comfy and a nighs sleep is sometimes all you need. They do have a very nice Starbucks in the hallway between them and Aria so that is a plus for most people.

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