Deluxe Panoramic View Rooms At Wynn Las Vegas : The VT Review

Exclusive First Photos of the New Rooms At Wynn Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster

Wynn Deluxe Panoramic Lamps

One new feature (apparently these were here before but doofus me didn't notice) the lamps are mounted to the wall and can be adjusted to your liking. Goodbye recessed ceiling mounted reading spotlights and the light switch that goes with it. Simple is comfortable.

Wynn Deluxe Panoramic Ends

The end tables feature a light control on the drivers side and an iHome iPod clock radio on the passenger side. Two hours into my stay, I could hear the oontz oontz oontz and autotuned douche pop from the room next door. Fight fire with "Fight Fire With Fire" I say. As expected, Metallica won.

Wynn Deluxe Panoramic Control

This is the light / drapes / thermostat control thingy. There is no brand name on it anywhere... I looked. It works like a charm without a tutorial and without software latency and system crashes.

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Comments & Discussion

Great Review! Love everything except for the white couch..

It's a well-executed update that more than anything else reminds me of RogThom's one real renovation at Mirage Resorts: The Mirage (Treasure Island wasn't so much a renovation as it was a fixation). Like that late-90s update, we're seeing a modern, refreshing set of finishes that simultaneously retain the essence of the original designs. Well done, Mr. Thomas.

However, more than the Encorization of the original design, I can't be happier that they got rid of those fugly ass hallways and replaced them with the elegant corridors that that hotel has always deserved. They probably could have done just that and I would have been satisfied.

Thank you Chuckmonster for the great pics and review.Yes that white couch does look the same as the one we had on the tower suites side.Am so pleased they added some lighting to the bathroom,makes getting ready much easier.Hope the rooms are ready to go for our trip in September

This report was a welcome surprise tonight. One more reason why VegasTripping is my favorite Las Vegas website.

Excellent review! Do you know if they're sticking with one color scheme for the new renovations?

Many huge improvements! So happy to see that the coral hallways and carpeting are gone. Now, to show that reasonable people can disagree, the new leather loveseat and ottoman are stunning, the highlight of the sitting area. Very, very rich.

Plaster reliefs in hallways are beautiful.
Doorbell/Do Not Disturb casing is disappointing. Looks like an inexpensive afterthought.
Reading lamps on both sides of the bed may not look the greatest, but they sure are more practical and useful than ceiling spots. Glad they kept them.
What!?! The safe is too small for a laptop? This drawback exists in so many hotels. Wynn Parlor and Salon suites don't have this problem. This should have been corrected even if it meant a little structural change in wall. But, structual changes x thousands of rooms would have added a lot to the cost of the renovation.

A great job in making the Resort side and Tower Suites side complement each other. Thanks for the tour.

It seems a lot brighter than before. I'm not sure I am going to like that with a raging hangover. I kind of like the white couch.

Nice get, CM!

An appropriate refresh to a room that was widely praised when it debuted.

Regarding the TVs, the word is that the Gateways were constantly breaking, hence one of the reasons they started replacing TVs in some rooms a few years ago, even pre-Encore. The reason Gateway was in there at all was because SW and the former CEO of Gateway were friends. It always seemed like a strange choice to me when it came to the merits/specs of the TV.

Very nice, and not quite as fussy/feminine as the original decor. Where is the "intimacy" kit? Is that an Encore-only amenity?

I'm just glad that they have everything clearly labeled, last time I stayed there I accidentally wiped my butt with a tub of generic m&ms and tried to clean my ears with a tin of shoe polish.

Thanks for the news - I've been anticipating these rooms every since the remodel was announced. I love Encore's rooms and never was a fan of Wynn's, but these changes seem to do a good job of changing my opinion.

Any news on when we can expect to see "Deluxe" versions of the Tower Suites? Wynn Parlor and Salon Suites are some of my favorites in Vegas so I'll be excited to see what they do there.

I'm not blown away. I think the budget was about $20,000 per room. I just don't see it. The changes are so subtle, I'm not sure people that aren't die hard Wynn fans, will even notice they've been refurbed. I wish they had more color, and they should have changed the art. Besides the couch, and the desk chair, I'm not sure anyone will even know the rest of the furniture was changed. I do love the new corridors though. And I'd be curious like Mike_E, as to is there just the one color scheme, vs the two which they had previously.

Very awesome Chuck, was pleasantly surprised to see this and so soon! Overall I like the new rooms, sure I would have hoped for more but given the scope of the refresh I think this keeps them competitive which is likely what they were going for. Overall I really like the new color scheme as I was growing tired of the old one, I also love the couch and chairs they bring the whole room up a notch from prior finishings. The hallways are fuckin awesome tho! Really impressed with them.

Cant wait to see the Tower Suites which have a much larger budget, I am planning on staying in one next spring.

Regarding the TV's my friends and I had several room at Wynn about 16 months ago and they all had the new Sharp's. When I stayed there about 24 months ago my room had the old gateway.

After looking at the pics again and taking some time to take it all in I still like Encore's room design better overall. I will say this review has me pumped for my Encore stay in a few days... got the pre trip jitters.

Hey! I think I stayed in that very room, maybe even more than once. Like what they've done. Not to everyone's taste, but done well nonetheless.

Not a bad gig to have. Staying gratis in a new room. Sometimes I think you all have one great job.

I like the room colors..makes everything look brighter..and they moved the mini bar to other side of the

I'm surprised they went with Sharp as a T-V choice...I like L-G and Samsung's picture quality myself..great to see they have the IHome clocks..I hated the clocks in the orignial Wynn could find those in any hotel in the world..

Dude, I'm feelin it. It's not as "rich old lady/Joan Rivers" as the old design was. Wynn is a nice hotel. I still think it's way to "rich" for my tastes (I'm feelin the paradise tower rooms at the Hard Rock at the moment) but it's nice.

I've yet to stay at the Wynn but I feel it comin soon.

The new rooms are not showing up on the reservation system on their website. Now they have so many differnt room types listed its kinda confusing, I guess it will get better once the "non-deluxe" rooms go away. One thing they did which I was surprised they didnt do sooner is split out the two bed rooms from King rooms like they did at Encore. Venitian/Palazoo does the same thing, helps them get more money from the pack 4 to a room crowd.

Good stuff Chuck, thanks. Please do post as soon as you have info on plans for the Tower Suites. So very curious. Great job.

My last post should read: *"The new rooms are NOW showing up on the reservation system on their website." I had a typo there...

oh no! I'm staying at Encore next week for the first time. Should I switch back to WLV? it's a honeymoon so maybe Encore will be more relaxing.

Did I miss a shower pic or is there no shower pic? I can't imagine there's just a tub. Pretty sweet looking room. I love crisp new furnishings. Dig the high res pics!

Yes there is a shower, but it was unchanged.

Mr. Monster, Do you have any information on the "Panoramic Corner View Deluxe" rooms? The wynncore website indicates they are situated on a corner with views of the strip and golf course. I was not aware that rooms like this even existed on the Resort side at Wynn. Any info you have is much appreciated. Thanks.

@MFP01 - these rooms are just that, situated in the corner with windows on two sides. they are a bit more spacious than the normal rooms and the deluxe versions will have the new designs ported to them.

We reviewed a corner suite from Wynn Macau a few years ago. This is exactly what the Wynn rooms are like, but in the old design.

@MFP01 Be aware that in that situation, the only portion of the strip you'll be viewing is Encore and on north. A corner room on the adjacent side without a golf course view is the better option in my opinion - no golf course view, but lots more of the strip.

oh good they got rid of the bugs on the carpet

can you review the new rooms at venetian or the rooms at palazzo? thanks


thanks but it would still be great if u could review the new rooms at venetian.

Just got back from my 4 night stay at Encore, at night you can see clearly the floors they are renovating. Looks like they have the top 2 or 3 done and they are working on the 2 or 3 under that. Looking at the tower at night will be a good way to track their progress since they leave the lights in the rooms they are working on and all window shades are removed.

That dusk pic gives me a damn hard on for a Vegas trp - BASTARD!

The new design is much more subtle... more beige/cream/tan and not very much in the way of bright bold stabs of color.

All very high quality, of course... but some might find it a bit dull.

I admit I find it a touch dull. Wynn Macau looks more dynamic than this.

Encore Las Vegas at least has some of the outrageous gator-skin-walls and similar touches to avoid monotony.

I love the texture-work without question; the "similar colors, different textures" approach looks delicious. However, I think that these suites need some licks of bright, stunning color here and there.

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