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Nice room. Is it the Paradise Tower at Hard Rock that has the rooms with the bent headboards? The Ozzy Osbourne type rooms?

I like Hard Rock. I've stayed in both the Casino and Paradise towers and this room is MUCH nicer than either of the other two towers. Neither have the gadgetry of this room with the sound system and all. The rooms in the Paradise tower are really dark, gothic looking deals with a really dark bathroom, but a similarly-sized shower with the crazy rain head thingy. The Casino tower, which is the short curvy one has brighter rooms with mini balconies, but again, a generous-sized shower area.

Get out the skimmer, there are Beatles in the pool!

I really dig the artwork at HRH. Reminds you where you are, you know?

The HRH tower's casino expansion connect directly with the original casino. It inlcudes a new hi-limit area w/ bar, a new video poker casino bar, another cashier, and a more open table gaming area. A recent problem I also noticed at the M, is the video poker machines at the casino bar vent heat onto your legs. This can get more than a little annoying. Also, the Paradise tower expansion includes a new spa called Requiem, which has one of the coolest looking wet rooms I've ever seen.

Too much white for my tastes, but the design is nice. I do dig the Eames inspired desk chair. To me, the shower tiles remind me of the acoustical foam used in recording studios.

Blackjacker1979 - I think I have the same luggage as you. Is your's from Target?

Affirmative bd, and frankly some of the best I've had.

Awesome pictures. I really like the labeling of the contents of the minibar. Kudos.

Just looked through this again, I really like these rooms. Especially the little room control board, that touch screen is huge. I wanna spend a night out there now...

small add-on: only the corner suites are 'open'.
In the non-corner suites the tv wall has doors inside (and not open above) so you can separate the living room from the bedroom

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