Encore Beach Club Photo Tour

Surrender to the New Encore

Posted by Chuckmonster

Encore Beach Club - Surrender Nightclub Photo P Dip

Infinity Dipping Spa... cool!

Encore Beach Club - Surrender Nightclub Photo P Red

Lush Red and Greenery.

Lotsa places to dive into the bushes to get laid.

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Why is no one in the pool? Isn't this a beach club? WTF? Can just anyone get in the show shower or is it for the dancers that the hotel hires only?
Do you have to pay to sit on the day beds and pool loungers? Is this only open at night or is it like WET and BARE where it's open during the day?

It's nice, it's very nice. But almost to "MMMMMyessss" for my tastes. I think I said the same thing about Encore the first time I walked through it to. I feel out of place without a monacle, a wad of $100's, and a little dog in a jeweled purse.

First off, I like the way this place looks. Much nicer than the drawings and much classier than I feared. I'm impressed with the way that Wynn and Co. continue to address the shortcomings of their properties until they get things right.

My question is, how loud is it at night? Encore's Tower rooms used to be a nice respite from the bass thumping out of XS. I'm concerned that all the rooms in the lower half of Encore will be too loud for sleep.

I know you're not supposed to sleep in Vegas, but sometimes us old people like to catch a nap anyway.

If the High limit slot bar is gone is the high limit room gone as well?

Is the EBC gonna be a full time Rehab type enviroment or just part time...the rest being a third pool option at Encore?

Wow, actually looks pretty amazing, and no doubt REAL expensive. Is there a craps table hidden away in that BJ pit?

If you are in one of the cabana/bungalows, can you open the windows that face out to the Strip? I can see that becoming a "flash point" a la the balconies in the French Quarter of NO.

Looks much better than I feared, keeps the classy Wynn vibe going well. I just read that with this opening Steve considers the Wynn Las Vegas project "complete". I really hope it doesnt turn too trashy but only time will tell...

Few questions:
1. It looks like you can but I cant quite tell, can you walk from the strip right up to the casino through that cool new stairway entrance or does that only go to EBC?
2. Is the new high limit area where the Eastside Lounge used to be? Does this diminish the light into the Casino?
3. Does this have any impact on Sinatra? I am eating there in a couple months...

I'm here now so I'm gonna answer the questions I see as I read em, I'll answer best I can.

RockChick - Pics look like a play date for employees. Think cocktail party by the pool. The pods are for dancers (at night and day it seems sometimes) from the hotel I think. Open from 10-7 as the Beach Club and spills out as Surrender after 7. And the vibe here at Encore is markedly different, a younger nicer crowd, and different music. Worth another shot.

AndyA - Right now I'm staying on 52 above the Beach Club, the sound is drowned out during the day by the sound of the AC unit, but there is light bass thump. I'll be curious how tonight goes.

TC - It's 10-7 everyday, then 7-close on Wed-Sun for Surrender.

SoCalDuck - Yes there is a craps table out there. :) And yes you can open the bungalows, they have strip side balconies.

ChiCell - You can access the casino through the outer stair. They have built a new hallway that runs between Switch and Society, looks just like the main lobby. The high limit slots are gone, the baccarat is just where it was, and Eastside got 6 BJ tables, all hand cut auto shuffled shoes. It's more like the Deuce than high limit gaming. (The ECB tables are the same by the way.) It does NOT diminish the light, it actually is brighter because the back wall is now closer to the play area (the Surrender wall.) Sinatra seems to have negligible impact, but the Patio may.

"Lotsa places to dive into the bushes to get laid."

blackjacker1979, please confirm and report back. Thank you.

Seriously, I'm laughin'. You guys crack me up. Thanks for the photo tour and Gawd, I wish I could be there.

Thanks Blackjacker, much appreciated. Curious to hear how the noise turns out too, I am usually in bed by 4 at least one night there haha, the others i could care less.

where are the 26 cabanas?

ah, is one side two levels of single story cabanas?

Drake - Tons of shagadelic places on a dark night. This place oozes sex.

Cabanas, not sure. I know some are two story, some one, but not really delineated from the outside. They're on the outer walls facing the strip on both sides of the gaming pavilion.

Oh, good. Finally, some place in Vegas for the LA douchebags and tramp-stamped skanks to hang out. 'cause you know, they didn't really have anywhere else in town. ;)

Looks gorgeous, very well-designed, and I'm quite certain these photos are as close as I'll ever get. And I'm OK with that.

Two guys at The Switch Bar. Hey Steve -- how's that No-Comp policy working out for ya?

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