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Open Up and Say Mmmmm.

Posted by Chuckmonster

M Resort Las Vegas Photos Review

Nestled on the southernmost tip of the Las Vegas valley at the precise moment where hills become mountains and the desert starts to look... well... deserted, the surrounding brownness is sliced by a crescent shaped blue tower which appears to have been dropped amidst the barren surroundings from outer space. What is this interstellar obelisk? A sci-fi oasis? A monument to Sun Ra, Lee Perry and other trans-universal travelers like ourselves? Will they have room service? And playable slots?

Even at fifty yards from the porte cochere entrance, it does have something... an intense, yet quite pleasant floral scent on par with the upper echelons of hysteria inducing aromatherapeutic smells that are amply piped in to nearly every casino on this or any other nine armed God's green, brown, blue and periwinkle Earth.

Remembering to breathe. In through the nose, out with the mouth. Oh wait, wrong review. Sah-ree!

M Resort Las Vegas Photos Review Hallway

Following my nose to where the aroma goes, I end up in a gigantic vestibule. To the left, partitioned apart by a floor to ceiling trellis shelf filled with fake white tulips is the reservation desk. Straight ahead, through glass walls beyond a bar I see M Resort's gigantic pool deck with a large concert stage at the furthest point. To the right, I hear but can't see the din of casino gambling. From glass ceiling above spills in massive amounts of sunlight.

Fifteen gorgeous steps and five short minutes later, M Resort's incredibly gracious receptionist handed us the keys to room #3111 and pointed us towards the resort elevators - no trudging through the casino required!

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Comments & Discussion

Thanks for the review, Chuck. We're capping our July trip with two nights at M. I can't wait to see it in person. Come to think of it, I can't wait for the July trip. I'll also get to see if the Beach Club vibe messes up or enhances the Encore vibe. And I'll also get my first look at City Center. And I'll also get to see the new bull at TI. What a town! Too bad the poledance mobile moved to Florida.

Your reviews are so in a class by themselves. If I know someone who is headed to one of your reviewed places, I send them to you. The best. Now I just need someone who will be going to the Encore apartment.

The last time I was that far out on the 15, M was still under construction. It struck me just how far it is from The Strip. It would be quite a haul in a cab.

Anyone else getting tired of the useless pillow cylinder they put on hotel beds? It seems like any hotel room built or renovated in the last 3 years has to have one on the bed.

I really like the lounge chairs.

I may definitely have to look at a night there for a future trip.

bolster fatigue?

y'know they're unsanitary right?

They're the shatphones of bedding decor.

Shouldn't the add on resort fee they charge you on check in cover the "delivery fee"? I order take out from a place about 15 minutes from my house and I don't get charged delivery fee!!!

Other than that, place looks good!!

Always a great review(s) - Pretty sure the 'delivery charge' goes to the up keep of keeping RS (or in-room dining, as the case may be) going; yeah another SC, but pretty small considering. 18% gratuity for the waiter pretty standard, altho' I bet the staff would rather it be on your decision as they are gonna get taxed via payroll for that.....If you get to wager the tip, at least they can fudge that you 'stiffed' 'em to the man.....

forgot to mention... no resort fee when we booked this via ORBITZ. In fact, they sent us a check for $40 bucks three weeks because of the "guaranteed lowest rate" thingy they've been advertising.

Not bad... And I should know. I stayed here almost exactly a year ago, a couple months after The M first opened. It's a great boutique hotel/casino here in Henderson, and a nice spot for trippers AND locals who like their haute Strip style without the usual Strip 'tude.

GREAT review! Just might have to check it out...unlimited free beer at their buffet puts me over the top!

That piece of tomato looked like a smiley face.

Just saying.

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