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Floating on Air at Aria

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Aria Las Vegas Corner Suite Corner Suite Tub

In the corner of the room, amongst two walls of glass and views from 180 degrees around, you'll find the freestanding jetted tub. Turn off the lights, grab some bubbly and just chill looking at all that's around you, just don't be shy, the glass is clear and people can see in, but even with the sheers drawn, the effect is still fantastic. There's also a handy 20" LCD for watching reruns of Married...With Children at 5am when you're 10 in and soaking it in.

Aria Las Vegas Corner Suite Corner Suite Interior

In turn, I must say that if you're looking for a fantastic deal on a suite in Vegas, and one that will stand out with a great view, a host of tech, and a great location, you're not gonna do much better than what you can get on the low end of the scale at Aria. The Corner Suites offer a great value, but beware that drawbacks are likely to occur until the bugs are worked out. Unfortunately those bugs, along with a too friendly encounter trying to get them fixed, made my trip far less than enjoyable or worth the money. And if you're out there Control 4, get this stuff fixed please. I want to like it. I really do.

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I love the corner suites!! I actually scored this suite for $129 a night..

These rooms had tremendous potential and were highly anticipated before opening. There is no excuse for not having the electronics bugs worked out by now. The clear glass windows at Aria were a huge mistake in my opinion. Splattering sinks and plush upholstery are also design mistakes. Also, they don't make use of the best Aria room feature of the tub in the shower stall. It will be interesting to hear what we think of Aria's rooms in 3-4 years.

Just noticed we stayed in the same suite 16049..

What are the chances mac? Did the TV work for you? All I got was a hell of a lot of fail from it. Also is it just me or does that thing take up ALL the space in that room. It's like the TV is just floating in the middle of the room.

Can't beat the bathroom though. That thing is stunning. Only thing, did you walk behind the vanity? There's like 36" back there. It's a room by itself.

I didn't have any problems with the tv.. I agree with you that it does take up too much space. Plus the living room has too much furniture, lose the ottoman.

That "gap" in the bathroom was wasted space. Did you use the jetted tub? I did and it splattered water all over the curtains...

After the first ghostly experience in 28137 where the tub decided it wanted to come on empty for 5 minutes an hour I decided to use it with caution. The tub, while pretty, is an epic engineering failure. Sitting upright in the center of the bath negates relaxation, and that's the only way you can use the jets. Plus the whole thing felt like i was getting bombarded by water balloons.

Ironically my favorite part of my room at Aria was the technology, but by the end of my stay it was also my least favorite part since I couldnt get things to work properly. (ie my ipod never worked and the tv would seemingly freeze up sometimes) Hope they can get the bugs worked out soon because that would be one sick set up if it worked flawlessly.

I didn't note in the review, but I should have, that I interviewed every tech I dealt with from the engineering to the IT side of this said that the problem is universal.

My first suite (which I didn't stay in and therefore didn't review fully) suffered one flawed connecting panel which cause the entire room to fail. Nothing worked properly as it's all connected. And seemingly most of the staff have no idea how to fix it and the components are so well buried they're nearly inaccessible to hard reset.

It should also be noted that the problems are universal, occurring across all resorts from Aria, to Vdara, and even the Mandarin.

i dunno guys. i've looked at @blackjacker and @mac's photos of the very same suite (before I knew that they stayed in the same suite) and both times i came away less than impressed.

the layout seems cluttered to me, particularly the placement of the TV on the corner pole and the vanities crowding the windows. the architectural wonder of this suite is panoramic view from having 180 degrees of windows... when you are in there you should feel like you are floating on air. throwing a desk in there and mounting the tv on the pillar feels like clutter to me.

"i guess you just had to be there." without being there, it looks like a whole bunch of missed opportunity.

The suite is nice. Really nice, but the color schemes and design just look plain and very cruise-shippy. After doing this Europe trip, I don't think I'll ever want to stay in an ultra modern hotel again.

chuck is right on, i mean. if you aren't there you don't get the view. and the bathroom is amazing. but there are some things you can't excuse. the failure of the technology is one big problem. but the layout issues is right on. the whole time I was sitting there thinking why isn't the couch across the window, the tv on the wall where the couch is, and the desk relocated to the bedroom where there is the extra space.

sometimes hiring an architect to do an interior designer's job just doesn't work. the whole thing comes off like a "really nice Westin." to quote my friends.

Those toilets might come in handy for people that have drank too much....and spend the better part of the night could clean your mouth out with it!?!?

My Husband and I are going to book into Aria,We will be staying for Xmas 22-26 We like the corner suite.
After reading what you said about the problems with all the tech goody's ...We are wondering if we should stay at Bellagio (stayed 8 times) or the encore (never been yet).
Do you know if they worked there problems out yet?
Thanks for any Feedback

I wonder how Mack got it for 129. Yes it was 3 Yeats ago but I can't find it for less than 280

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