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Golden Nugget Rush Tower Review

Longtime VT reader and downtown aficionado Vespajet spend a coupla nights at the Golden Nugget's brand new Rush Tower rooms and brought back this report. Thanks Vespajet!

When I first heard that the new Rush Tower at the Golden Nugget was going to be opening up in the Fall, I really had my hopes that it would be open around the time of my planned trip over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. So when it was announced in July that they would start taking reservations on August 1st, with an opening date of November 20th, I jumped on the chance to move from the Golden Gate to the Golden Nugget. Considering that I had never stayed at the Golden Nugget, this was a great opportunity to finally do so, as the chance to be among the first guests to stay in a brand-new room in a brand-new hotel tower isn't something that comes along everyday. What made it even sweeter was the room rate offer I later got that put the room rate average at $109/night.

First things first. If you are planning on staying in the Rush Tower and are utilizing a shuttle bus or limo/sedan/SUV service, you will possibly need to specify that you are staying in that particular tower. With the Rush Tower being so new at the time of my trip, most drivers for the limo and shuttle services were not aware of it having its own entrance. The driver tried to drop me off at the Casino Center Blvd. entrance and the driver for the trip back to the airport was parked over there when he called me to find out where I was at. The Rush Tower is accessible from Carson Ave. (via Main Street) or S. First Street (via Bridger Ave.).

I actually ended up being dropped right outside of the porte-cochere because at the time of the evening I was being dropped off (approximately 8:45 PM), it was backed up with cars that were left for the valet.

Entering the lobby, the first thing that gets your attention is the large aquarium located within the Chart House restaurant that is the backdrop for the lobby. The large chandelier is also a focal point as well, but the aquarium overpowers it. The check-in desk butts right up to the Chart House. To the right is a clothing store and right past it is a jewelry store and then the casino floor.

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Comments & Discussion

Looks serviceable. I am a little suprised they didn't try to be a little more upscale (i.e. like M Resort or the new HRH towers). I guess they figure there is only so much they can do being downtown. In my opinion there are enough strip visitors who would be willing to stay a night downtown if there were some high-end rooms on Fremont.

In some respects, I think the Rush Tower may be too upscale for Downtown. Look at some of the room rate offers that have been posted here recently. They may be having trouble getting folks to book those rooms.

I'm tentatively planning to make a return visit to the Rush Tower this Fall for a bit of a follow-up and perhaps a review of one of their Junior Corner Suites.

I stayed in the Rush Tower in January and I'm headed back at the end of March. I'm feeling kinda stupid because I didn't find those power outlets in the desk. I ended up charging my BlackBerry from the outlet by the air conditioner.

Sorry for the double-post. I just wanted to add that the HDTV issue was resolved by the time of my trip to the Rush Tower in mid-January.

I made ample use of the power outlet while I was there, as I brought my netbook with me.

It's good to see that the HDTV issue is now fixed.

Side note. As previously mentioned in Chuckmonster's GN review a few years back, WiFi is not free there, but there is some WiFi you can piggyback on. I can confirm that is still the case, but I had brought my WiMax modem for my netbook so I didn't need to pay or piggyback.

I'm torn between two trains of thought:

When viewed as "the new hotel addition to joint Steve Wynn turned into the crown jewel of downtown" these rooms look like a Mexican restaurant in the Fashion District exploded.

When viewed in comparison with the rest of the stuff offered downtown, it looks like a mega-swanky deal waiting to be had.

Looks great, but with single king beds only I'll have to stick to the other towers when I head out there with my buddies this summer.

You didn't mention (maybe you didn't realize) that the entire tower is non smoking!

I can't believe I forgot to mention the fact the tower is non-smoking. Of course by now, there's no telling how many folks have already busted that rule.

This has become our favorite place to stay and we've stayed in the Rush Tower multiple times. Modern rooms, good restaurants, cool pool, great casino action with lower limits than the strip ... IMO this is the best value in Vegas. Snagged mid-week rate of $69 per night this past August and it included a fun book with free meals, free drinks, match play offers and other coupons. Awesome value and only 20 minutes to the strip.

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