The Duplex Apartment at Encore : The VT Review 2010

6000 Square Feet of OMG

Posted by MikeE

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A privilege. Wait, no... A dream come true.

I was eleven or twelve years old when my dad decided to splurge on two jacuzzi suites at Luxor. Vegas was a family town in those days and I had already had my fair share, but this would be an experience that I could never erase out of my memory. Luxor's jacuzzi suites blew my mind. They actually have hotel rooms with separate living areas?! Ooh, and that tub under the slanted window! So cool! I even had the eye to notice that the toiletries were slightly upgraded. Talcum powder?! I don't even know what that is, but it's awesome that only the suites get it.

Yes, exclusivity and frill attracted this prepubescent snob from the get-go.

Despite several trips between then and my 21st birthday, years went by without ever seeing a proper Las Vegas suite again until my own financial responsibility and legal age had me tasting Wynn's Salon suites and Fairway Villas, MGM's Skylofts, and a plethora of other outrageous rooms, if only for a night. I became crazy about their designers, their amenities, and how the hotel treated these guests differently.

And with each trip, I wanted to outdo the last accommodation.

In 2006, the Admiral leaked that Encore would have incredibly lavish, two-story "Sky Villas" at one end of its hallways. I drooled at the thought of staying in one even though I knew only those gambling thousands per hand would even be considered. Sure enough, when Encore opened and I was given a tour of the suites, I was told that there was "no chance" I'd see these Duplex Apartments (the name they would officially settle on).

One special day, as I called to confirm my reservation in a standard Tower suite, I half-jokingly asked if they book the Encore Apartments.

"Yes, we have just released these to general reservations."

My heart raced in excitement. At last: the legend, the myth of a Steve Wynn whale-only accommodation had become victim to the recession and available to a peon such as myself. Unfortunately, the $5000 weekday and $7500 weekend rate was far, far too rich for my blood.

Soon enough, the rooms appeared on Encore's reservations page with reduced prices of $3500 and $5000 depending on demand. They never budged lower than that until one faithful day in June out of complete boredom, I snooped around the rate calendar fully expecting to be disappointed.

And there she appeared, December 23rd. Surrounded by nights the cost of a mortgage payment on a mini mansion, this particular evening was at a steal of a price: $1250. Was it a mistake? Maybe a missing zero? It was enough to get me to book an entire trip around one night's stay there. After all, how many opportunities does one get to stay in a suite that was the center of a several page spread in Architectural Digest? I waited and waited for seven months until the big day when I pulled into Encore Tower Suites nervous and excited to check in to room 2401.

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OMFG is more like it. Impressive digs. I got a glimpse at one of the one story apartments when touring the property with a friend, but wow...

when do I move in?

Mike, no one but Steve could pull this off. Unbelievable, but as much as I like Wynn, I'd feel out of place rattling around all that space. Sort of creepy. For some reason, it made me think of "Citizen Kane". Rosebud...........

Excellent review. I actually believe this is too refined for my tastes and have noticed that at some point some of the fun of a Vegas vacation is lost in the higher end suites. Aside from the game room, I wish they had put in an element of fun/naughty in the suite. My perfect suite must have a usable bar and a hot-tub. I think the Palms (e.g. the Hefner suite) has done a good job of maintaining the fantasy experience.

This seems like the kind of thing that would be nice for a business that wants to host a party with clients and show off some products and wants a suite that will both host the party and allow the employees to live and relax when the event isn't happening.

That's the only real use I can make out of it, since it's nightly rate is, at minimum the same price as week-long vacations I've taken.

I could live in this room in complete comfort, with the butler bringing me cocktails, rotating bedrooms every night! I love every inch of the place.

I joined Vegastripping just to comment on how awesome this review of the Duplex Apartment at Encore turned out. The views from that duplex are simply amazing, you are a lucky bastard! Incredible job Mike!

Another great review, Mike.

Oh, and I stood under that chandelier in the living room. Who wants to touch me?

November 2009 of the Robb Report did a short comparison of this plus others in the same category:

Well worth the $1250 for a night for a one-time splurge in my book!

"Villa services." Wow, how cool is that? I am already working out how to justify this with my wife. "Honey, if we split with two other couples, it will ONLY be $1200 a night, and we get Villa Services!"

Do they count the gold flatware after you check out?

For some reason this suite looks quite a bit like the suite that was in the first of the VT Douchebag series.

Probably because they were designed and built by the same team.

Because the Salon Suite is for lack of a better word a one story version of the same suite.

I'd disagree. I would say the Salon Suite at Wynn is a smaller version of a Fairway Villa. The 2 Bedroom Apartment is a smaller version of the Duplex Apartment at Encore.

Great job Mike.

Thanks man!

Aloha, Mark

Thank you all for the comments.

Detroit, it was actually the final blowout for my parents' annual birthday surprise. Fortunately, I wasn't completely alone in all that XS (sorry, sorry). If I were, I think I'd have felt pretty guilty.

John, what a pleasure it was meeting you and Laura. I think I wouldn't have nearly the same appreciation for Aria if it weren't for you guys.

Atltrainman, Blackjacker, I can see the similarities in floor plan, but as John stated (and I know he's stayed in the 2-bedroom version of the Apartments), the finishes of this suite are much higher than those or even the Fairway Villas.

Thanks again Mike. I could watch this over and over.

Is that other wall covering Moire silk taffeta? That's what it reminded me of. I loved the effect.

It's a big room and it's heavy on drama, light on quality looking fabrics and finishes. I've stayed in these rooms before: I loved the fixtures, nick-knacks (a Wynn-design staple) and kitchen, but abhorred the couches, finishes on the draperies and general color palette. Some things reminded me of Bellagio's most recent redo and that's NOT a good thing...

Amazing bedding. Great scalloped, mother-of-pearl tiling in the master bathroom.

It's tough to say that Villa Services are the best in town, as at spots like The Mansion, their help is quite amazing also. I can say that all of the high-end suites hire the best folks they can find and no matter where you're staying, the majors are very, very well-connected. The only time I've been disappointed by the hype was with SkyLofts... What was once a great idea has now turned into bachelorette/bachelor party headquarters with people looking to see how many of their friends they can sneak into a room.

Besides, it's on Orbitz and Travelocity now. That says it all.

$1250 a night. that's a lot of money for one night bu who cares?

pebbles, after a little research, I think you're right. It was Moire taffeta. Wow, Todd Lenahan would be proud.

There is a Rothko in front of the desk in the downstairs master bedroom, that is pretty amazing for any bedroom, never-mind las vegas hotel

Great review, its fun to see these places because I will never stay there.

Nice. Thanks for the great review.

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