Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas : The VT Review 2010

It's almost like magic

Posted by MikeE

Mandarin Oriental Exterior

I recently spent two nights at Mandarin Oriental to celebrate my parents' birthdays with them. The service is good. Almost too good. Reviews of MOzen and the spa can be found here and here, respectively. To best illustrate what to expect when you stay at Mandarin, this review will cover the hotel and service aspects in a trip report format. The photos included are from a room (#1023) that The Admiral stayed in the week prior, as captured by Chuckmonster. Enjoy!

We booked a Mercedes S550 sedan through the concierge to pick us up from the airport. The cost was $93 and is inclusive of tips, though extra cash was most graciously accepted. The driver called in to the hotel to inform of our arrival. Waiting at the port cochere was a hostess and two bellhops. "Welcome Mr. E. We have been expecting you. Please follow me."

Our luggage? Nowhere to be seen. Instead, we are given tea and hot towels in the Sky Lobby as we make our way to the front desk where Burcu has my profile already brought up and I'm checked in to room 1009 mere seconds after my arrival.

Mandarin Oriental Hallway

Our hostess walks us down the separate set of guest elevators and takes us to our room where we find a bellhop with all of our luggage waiting. Incredible.

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Comments & Discussion

So that's where BJ's blankets ended up, over at MO under the valet closet.

This place looks and sounds simply amazing.

great review mike. thanks.

Looking at the photos makes me want to go back.

It was so great. SO great.

MO is a distinctive experience and while I'll probably spend more room nights at Encore, Wynn, Aria and Bellagio, I will save MO for special occasions.

and oh - super covert place to take your mistress. Just in case.

Alexanbo---you know I am reading this in Chicago under a 1 million thread count egyptian cotton comforter with an "Aria" tag that was delivered about the time I was packing my suitcase. Haha. Never offend the man with the xtra suitcase!

And all of this in a space formerly occupied by the Boardwalk.

I'll never understand the Wynn crowd, I guess. You've said before that Bellagio has too many atmosphere mooches in it to enjoy anymore, but this seems to be Anti-Bellagio (world traveler level luxury wrapped up in it's own building so lacking in tourist appeal that most of them pass it by without a second thought) and now you're suggesting that it may be TOO exclusive.

Never stayed there, and I probably never will do anything more than buy a pastry downstairs or try MOzen once, but I kind of like the idea. It's pretty much presumed that if you have any business being there that you're probably loaded to begin with, so there's lot less "flaunting it" going on then places with a casino and nightclub downstairs.

That's a nice room with great amenties. But for $400-$600 a night (the price I was quoted when we went out there) I wouldn't expect anything less. That's an insane rate to pay for a room. I was complaining about the $130/nt average I got Caesars for.


I never suggested that it's too exclusive. In my book, there's no such thing.

I just don't think it's "Las Vegas" enough.

You would think a place like the M.O. would know better than to put a shatphone in the bathroom.

I have to give them props for having Fevertree tonic water in the minibar (best tonic water ever) and the Coca-Cola products in the metal bottles is a classy touch (The only place I've seen them is at the Fox Theater here in Atlanta.).

I was tempted to book a night there for my trip this fall until I saw the rates. I just cannot convince myself to spend that kind of money for one night. One night at the M.O. for the date I looked at was more than what I spent for four nights in the Rush Tower at the Golden Nugget. I'm sure it's worth every penny, but that's a bit out of my comfort zone in terms of cost.

This strikes me as a hotel for business travelers on expense accounts. If I had any business (or an expense account, for that matter), I'm sure I'd like it.

... I disagree a bit with your idea of what MO is supposed to be: If you've stayed at one of their properties before, you'd know it's ALWAYS about being taken away to another world. Quiet. Peace. Serenity. Stellar service.

Putting a casino in there would RUIN it. Just because they came into Vegas doesn't mean they have to adopt the 'always on, always running' Las Vegas ideology.

I'm booked into a high-level suite later this month and am looking very much forward to my experience. I've never been disappointed with MO.


Looks fabulous but for us if it's not comp'ed it's not Vegas.

Stayed here a couple months ago, sorry either to short sighted or drunk to have done a review. The place is incredible and you do feel completely removed from Vegas, it is relaxing and upscale all in one. First time I've ever not said "man I've gotta get out of Vegas" by day 4 of a trip.

I do agree with the earlier post, this place is not Vegas enough but I think that is their goal. The Mandarin Bar may be the best spot in town for a night cap, or 6.

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