The Best Pools In Vegas ('n Shit Like That)

The VegasTripping Guide to Outdoor Watersports

Posted by Miss Monkay

Welcome to VegasTripping's dip into The Best Pools in Vegas! Join us as we wade through the muck and present to you our list of the finest places to take a dip.

The Hard Rock [ review ]

According to some, The Hard Rock has the best pool, however this is still up for debate amongst Staff Sinners - we will need to take a poll at some point. The HR pool is so popular, there is a web cam over looking the pool letting the rest of us poor cubicle farmers watch in envy. From what we can gather, it seems like it's a pretty good pool set up. There are two pools to choose from, but the most popular has to be the sandy beach pool. And if the sun and sand isn't enough for you, there is always the swim-up blackjack. There are cabanas available for rent (seven day advance reservation) which are equipped with cable, phone, fridge, misters and the sort. Overall it seems to be a popular choice. If you are looking to relax with players like Leo DiCaprio or Vince Vaughn, check out Rehab for a Sunday afternoon of weekend party recovery time (read: more partying). All in all? 3 out of 4 Bubblers up!

Other Shit:

  • Summer: M-Th 9am-7pm, F-Su 9am-8pm (changes seasonally)
  • Jacuzzi
  • Cabanas: M-Th $100, F-Sa $200
  • Underwater sound system(?)

The Flamingo [ review ]

If you are less of the party type, and more of the action type, The Flamingo offers 4 pools with waterfalls and waterslides (seasonally) There are 2 hot tubs on 15 acres with shade trees. Don't forget to check out the lagoon pool grottos! The cabanas there include cocktail service (you pay for the drinks, we assume), a TV and some privacy. By the way, the virtual tour they offer on the site is not Mac Safari friendly (it'll crash your computar!).

Other Shit:

  • Peak Season (mid May on) 8-8, Off Season 10-4
  • Water slide open daily, 10am - 4pm
  • Cabanas M-Th $150, F-Su $200, Holidays $250
  • Shaded grotto
  • Penguins and Flamingos!! Ahhhhh, everybody loves aminals!

The Palms [ review ]

The other 'ultimate' party pool in Vegas. Outdoor blackjack and poolside massages make it even more inviting. There is a shallow pool with chaise lounges to cool off in. It's a spacious area, covering about 75,000 sqft. There is a scent of lavender in the air (above the chlorine and cigarettes) from the trees, which assists in the relaxion. It's definetly a hot spot. The owners of The Palms also own the Sacramento Kings. Bring in the NBA stars and the rest will follow. Celebrity sightings are common here. In the evenings, the pool area is transformed into Skin, a music venue with a dance floor and fog. Starting May 25th, 2004, you can get your kit off and go skinny dipping on Tuesday evenings. Swimming in the evenings during club time is welcomed, hey, maybe you can manage to get next to the mermaids! Party Hardy folks!

Other Shit:

  • M-Th: 9-5, F-Su 9-6
  • Private parties and other functions outrank guests
  • 2 Bars
  • Cabanas: $125(single), $225(double), Holidays $195(single), $350 (double).
  • 5 swim-up blackjack tables (Coo!)
  • Aquatic Go-Go dancers at there evening poolside blowouts

Mandalay Bay [ review ]

Now of course, we can't leave out the Beach at Mandalay Bay. Hands down, the best pool in Vegas. Sandy beach, wave pool to body surf, an a lazy river to float in. The pool area covers 11 acres with a portion of it dedicated to the exclusive Moorea Beach Club which is one of the most popular, nude pool / nude beach in Vegas - which boats things such as 'inventive libations', 'ambient grooves' and 'flawless service'. It is a pretty good looking set up for those of you who need to forget you are 300 miles from the ocean. Worth checking out. Cover charge for all this Mandalay Nude Pool goodness? Men: $30 Women: $10 (of course). Gotta love nude pools in Vegas baby!

Other Shit:

  • Hours 9-5
  • 2 restaurants
  • Poolside shop for your sun worshiper/shopping addict needs
  • Concerts By the Pool!
  • 20 Cabanas

Caesars Palace - Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis [ review ]

The pool at Ceasars is a pretty impressive space. If you like being fed frozen grapes and being surrounded by marble and 'ancient' mosaics, this this is your spot. Caesars offers four pools, two jacuzzis amidst green lawns, fountains and various marble statues. The 10,000 sqft. circular Temple pool is covered by a rotunda, the Neptune pool covers 5,000 sqft. and is best for lap swimming, the Venus pool, and the Apollo pool for the cabana renters.

Blue Moon Resort [ review ]

If you are a gay male looking for a guaranteed score, the all-men all-gay Blue Moon Resort is a must. Its not the atmosphere that is the draw, it's the clothing optional, man-sandwich on a deck chair opportunities that abound at the Blue Moon. VTs own Ace Copland filed this report.

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The MGM pool complex is great! Jump into the lazy river pool and float around for about an hour ---- you'll catch all the amazing sights lounging along the way!

dont forget the pool @ cesaers

Check! Check! Thankyouverymuch.

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