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Caesars Rockchick Bed

Further into the room to the left was the king sized bed with a glass topped nightstand and lamp on each side. The bed was comfortable, little firm and the pillows were feather (which I hate but they worked). There were 3 pillows per person on the bed, so each night we both had two to sleep on and one to sleep with. There was no comforter on the bed, it was more of a waffle print quilt/blanket. Headboard was pleather. From pictures, I figured this would be some kind of fabric headboard but the pleather/leather/whatever worked better. It all went together well. The nightstand next to the bed held a bible and a phonebook.

Caesars Rockchick Livingroo

Next to the bed further in the room is a sitting area with a couch, coffee table, chair w/ottoman, and a table with 2 chairs. The table was glass topped over wood and had an assortment of Vegas magazines. They were changed out in the middle of the week to the new updated editions for the week ahead. The couch was chocolate brown with sky blue lining to match the rest of the room. It was actually big and comfortable, the fabric felt like crush velvet, but I doubt that's what it actually was. I was surprised that the couch (and everything else in the room) was so clean. From reviews I've read, I figured the furniture would be covered in stains and the tables covered in nicks and cuts, but all of it looked brand new.

*Just a note we had a friend that was staying at the Venetian and we went over to their room one night to check it out. While their room was nice (and actually had more than 18 channels of cable) all of the furniture was beat to hell. This was a remodeled room too. The bronze shine on the bathroom fixtures was all rubbed off, the finish on the tables had been rubbed off, bathtub had no jets, scratches on any and everything, even the TV, and everything was beat to hell. It made me glad we didn't stay there.

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Congrats again on the wedding. Thanks for the review, look like an awesome room

Congratulations and nice room review. It sounds like they are doing a suprisingly good job of maintaining their newer rooms. Of course, the Augustus tower is a whole different world from the rest of the property. They have some really rundown rooms that might change your impression of the place.

(from the description)
"Long time VT reader RockChickX51 and her fiancee J pitched their tents..."
uh huh huh...hey beavis....

"Travel amenities included "I can't remember the name brand" shower gel, facial bar, lotion, shampoo and conditioner."

once again, reminds me of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie, where one character walked by a place called "Bar". One of the robots then said "oooh, i love Bar! that's where i go to get Drink and Sandwich"

@nullzero... i'm not above making the obvious dick jokes.

@Nullzero Did you ever see Monster-A-Go Go on MST3K?? The budget was so tight that the ringing noise the phones made in the movie was just some guy going "Buuurring bbuuuring" It was bad. Or the Manos:Hands of Fate movie...oh god don't even get me started.

The room was awesome! The hotel was cool. I know they do have some pretty terrible rooms on the other end, but Caesars is so far so good in my book

wow this was very impressive. i may consider staying there after reading and seeing this

Cool review, now I have to stay there once, the lovely and talented T (wife for everyone out there) has always wanted to stay there.

BTW, "I've only seen snow 6 or 7 times in my entire life", I think I hate you, we've been digging out since mid November and won't be free till March...... have fun in the sun with your beaches and humidity and stuff! Snik Snik...

That was a nice sized room for a regular room. I don't remember only having 18 channels when I was at CP in may, but I really only watch ESPN anyway. lol. Sounds like a good time was had!

I can picture myself jumping up and down on the bed like Nick Papageorgio did when he walked into his comped Suite, in Vegas Vacation. Lol.
Congrats on your wedding. Sounds like you have a super-cool time. Enjoy the fruits of marriage.

1. If you want to know why the maids knew when you two were or were not in your honeymoon room, I can sell you a copy of the DVD for $49.99 plus S&H.

2. There is a restaurant group in Hong Kong that has too-hip upscale restaurants with names like EAT, NOODLE, TABLE...etc. I don't know if says more about language skills, creativity, or intelligence.

I used Agoda for jetting around Asia. I think its Asian based.

What's up the sperm logo though on Mobbisimo...or whatever it is.

"Wynn and Encore are nice but I feel in order to fit in there, I need to have a monocle and top hat with that "Mmmmmyes..." voice to get anywhere. If hotels could talk, places like that would say "We only have the finer things here. Unless you're a millionaire that eats caviar off crystal plates, we can't go out of our way for you.""

THANK YOU for summarizing in three sentences my own uneasiness with Wynncore. That is it, exactly.

The toiletries are a special line from Gilchrist and Soames. It's exclusive to Caesars.

Thanks for all the photos and congrats on the wedding.

Thanks so much for detailed review...getting 5 nights comped there in December...much to look forward to!!!

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