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Caesars Palace Cougar Den

Long time VT reader RockChickX51 and her fiancee J pitched their tents at Caesars Palace in December for a week of Vegas insanity. Somewhere in there they managed to get married AND - most importantly - take photos of the shatphone in their Augustus Tower digs and file this accompanying report. Big huge VT hugs and thanks to RockChick for sharing her CP experience with us.

Caesars Palace is one of the oldies on the Strip. It's a monolith of a property and very easy to get lost in when you're drunk. It's been a hotel that I've always wanted to stay at since my first drive through Vegas with the family at the age of 15. Don't ask why, I don't know. This hotel review is a far cry from the Hooters review I did last year.

For the wedding we'd originally planned on Palms Place for the balcony and modern decor, then we decided we wanted somewhere on the Strip, so we booked Venetian. After finding out about the resort fee and the price I paid didn't include tax, I called Caesars Palace. They had a promo going where you receive 25% off your first four nights. After letting me combine that discount with the discount I get for being a Total Rewards member, the final price after tax beat the Venetian by a lot. Additionally, the price I paid over the phone in rate quote was $170 cheaper than the website. We made the final switch and I'm glad we did (more on that later). We stayed here for a week, Dec 5-12 for our wedding/honeymoon trip.

After taking the Excursion limo from the airport, we were dropped off at Caesars' famous porte cochere. There were no bell hops available on a busy Saturday during rodeo week, so we dragged our bags inside to the bell desk then went to check-in. There was a line of about 5 people at the check-in desk and after waiting about 10 minutes we were called.

The receptionist was nice and was surprised I'd already paid for the entire price of the stay in advance. By the way, no, I didn't ask if the real Caesar lived there, but I thought about it. Our Augustus Tower room was not yet available, but the clerk said she could upgrade us to a room that was. When I asked about the price for the upgrade she typed... and typed... and typed. Then mumbled under her breath "Wow, that's way too much," then continued typing. Finally she said she was just going to give us an upgrade for free but the room still wasn't ready and to come back in an hour. I inquired what the upgrade was and she said it was a room on a very high floor with an unobstructed view of the fountains and Strip. Good enough for me. I was just glad to be staying somewhere as nice as CP.

We walked to the Flamingo to make sure our family had checked in then returned an hour later. There was a line of about 10 people checking in when we returned but our original check-in lady saw us and waved us over so we skipped the line. That is good customer service. She handed us keys to our room and off we went.

The Augustus Tower is the closest tower to the front of the hotel. The walk to the elevators is not long at all. Caesars had the fastest elevator service I've ever had in any hotel I've ever stayed in anywhere. During our entire stay we didn't wait more than a minute for an elevator. Most of the time elevators were on the bottom floor with the doors opened waiting to be used. Our room was 3560. We pressed the button for floor 35 and up we went.

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Congrats again on the wedding. Thanks for the review, look like an awesome room

Congratulations and nice room review. It sounds like they are doing a suprisingly good job of maintaining their newer rooms. Of course, the Augustus tower is a whole different world from the rest of the property. They have some really rundown rooms that might change your impression of the place.

(from the description)
"Long time VT reader RockChickX51 and her fiancee J pitched their tents..."
uh huh huh...hey beavis....

"Travel amenities included "I can't remember the name brand" shower gel, facial bar, lotion, shampoo and conditioner."

once again, reminds me of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie, where one character walked by a place called "Bar". One of the robots then said "oooh, i love Bar! that's where i go to get Drink and Sandwich"

@nullzero... i'm not above making the obvious dick jokes.

@Nullzero Did you ever see Monster-A-Go Go on MST3K?? The budget was so tight that the ringing noise the phones made in the movie was just some guy going "Buuurring bbuuuring" It was bad. Or the Manos:Hands of Fate movie...oh god don't even get me started.

The room was awesome! The hotel was cool. I know they do have some pretty terrible rooms on the other end, but Caesars is so far so good in my book

wow this was very impressive. i may consider staying there after reading and seeing this

Cool review, now I have to stay there once, the lovely and talented T (wife for everyone out there) has always wanted to stay there.

BTW, "I've only seen snow 6 or 7 times in my entire life", I think I hate you, we've been digging out since mid November and won't be free till March...... have fun in the sun with your beaches and humidity and stuff! Snik Snik...

That was a nice sized room for a regular room. I don't remember only having 18 channels when I was at CP in may, but I really only watch ESPN anyway. lol. Sounds like a good time was had!

I can picture myself jumping up and down on the bed like Nick Papageorgio did when he walked into his comped Suite, in Vegas Vacation. Lol.
Congrats on your wedding. Sounds like you have a super-cool time. Enjoy the fruits of marriage.

1. If you want to know why the maids knew when you two were or were not in your honeymoon room, I can sell you a copy of the DVD for $49.99 plus S&H.

2. There is a restaurant group in Hong Kong that has too-hip upscale restaurants with names like EAT, NOODLE, TABLE...etc. I don't know if says more about language skills, creativity, or intelligence.

I used Agoda for jetting around Asia. I think its Asian based.

What's up the sperm logo though on Mobbisimo...or whatever it is.

"Wynn and Encore are nice but I feel in order to fit in there, I need to have a monocle and top hat with that "Mmmmmyes..." voice to get anywhere. If hotels could talk, places like that would say "We only have the finer things here. Unless you're a millionaire that eats caviar off crystal plates, we can't go out of our way for you.""

THANK YOU for summarizing in three sentences my own uneasiness with Wynncore. That is it, exactly.

The toiletries are a special line from Gilchrist and Soames. It's exclusive to Caesars.

Thanks for all the photos and congrats on the wedding.

Thanks so much for detailed review...getting 5 nights comped there in December...much to look forward to!!!

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