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The Jersey Shore vs Lake Como comparison is probably the best, most concise summarization of the Venetian's "luxury" aspirations that I've read. Thanks for the detailed review.

I almost wanted to stay at the Venetian/Palazzo, but this cemented me taking my money elsewhere. Stories like this combined with the perpetual grandma perfume air duct injections make me never want to stay longer than it takes to have a great meal at Grand Lux...which is the only unique draw the entire company has going for it in my eyes.

I must disagree. Just checked out of Palazzo after a two night paid stay. This is my second time here. My room on the 42nd floor was perfect- no scuff marks, missing nothing. Housekeeping was prompt, invisible and refreshed everything. I noticed nothing that needed extra cleaning or fixing (and I'm a little OCD). My only gripe is that they wouldn't give me a strip view room (unless I paid more than the $99 room rate I got) even though the clerk told me the hotel was "empty." One thing I really like that you can self park directly under the hotel. One bank of parking garage elevators brings you right next to the room elevator bank- very handy- and a very unVegasy short walk. I'll be back to enjoy Palazzo.

Where would you rather stay? Bellagio or Palazzo?

This is crazy. We went to a friends room at Venetian 2 weeks ago when we were out there and everything in their room was beat all to hell as well. I don't know if they let the circus or what stay there. Our room at Caesars looked friggin brand new. It saddens me that Palazzo's rooms are just as BTFU as Venetians.

We have 2 rooms booked at Palazzo next week so I should be able to provide a thorough second opinion after 5 nights on property. Reading this review does leave me a bit frustrated that we cancelled at Encore...but comp rooms and free play enticed me to give it a try.

I stayed at Palazzo for the grand opening weekend, in a handicapped Fortuna suite. The furniture was already scratched. I remember wondering if they stuck the defective stuff in the handicapped room on purpose.

Having stayed 5 times since then, I would agree wholeheartedly that they seem to make no effort to keep the rooms up. Every room has had burned out bulbs and missing amenities (chairs, lamps, the printer in my last stay). The materials they have chosen seem particularly susceptible to damage as well. Every couch has had damaged velour cushions and every bathroom stained marble counters. Even when I stayed in a Siena suite there were so many problems that I had to call for maintenance.

My last stay in October made me believe that they were perhaps finally making an effort to rehab some of the rooms - it was almost perfect except for the missing printer. And the door lock needing to be replaced.

Still, Palazzo's room layout is one of the best in Vegas and it's a great property close to everything I like. Encore is still my favorite and there are a couple new places I'd like to try out, but I keep coming back. I think I'm just willing to accept that rooms in Vegas are rode hard and put away wet, and Wynn is the only one willing to spend the money to keep rooms pristine and updated.

It's the numerous stories like these that Sheldon Adelson should look at when he gripes about getting less respect or recognition than Steve Wynn. Wynn wouldn't put up with a tenth of the crap that's wrong in this review.

Adelson's penny pinching hurts him tenfold in the long run when it comes to consumer loyalty and word-of-mouth.

Money saved, visitors lost. Sands unfortunately will never compete on a level with his neighbor. The convention/party crowd will come for the room size, location, and proximity to Sands Expo. That leaves a full hotel with people who really are not concerned with a 5 star resort stay.

Adelson could learn a lot from Wynn. Material choices could be made that would make the hotel much more rigid and sturdy, but he seems not concerned with that. I really don't understand as Palazoo could have been a seriously competitive resort to Wynn/Encore. Sadly, it will never be the case that it really happens that way.

I do hope everyone who stays there has a better experience than I did, but glad to know I'm not the only one.

FYI, the entire elevator bank area at Aria is purple velvet/velour. Can't wait to see how that holds up.

Sorry, forgot to add.

To Ronaman, Bellagio...despite the age of the rooms, they are still better kept in general than what I've had at Venetian/Palazzo.

I should add, for reference for everyone, that I have stayed at Venetian twice, and Palazzo once. I have stayed at Wynn and Encore on the amount that would multiply both hands and Bellagio nearly as much.

Never have I had an experience as bad consistently with rooms than at Venetian and Palazzo. The exception to this was being a first guest on one of the remodeled floors at Venetian, and even then, there were plenty of scratch/dent problems, which I really couldn't comprehend as an architect.

I also should add that I have had few friendly dealers here. Aside from a lovely poker dealer last time I visited and a blackjack/relief dealer named Corey, most dealers would just as soon look at the ceiling as converse with you. And statistically this has been the case for me.

i havent been a huge fan of the Venetian and after reading this Palazzo isnt much better. My last trip in I wandered thru the Palazzo and checked out the casino space (looked nice) and the shopping but got the vibe that the place was trying to hard to look classy. A new hotel should always be clean and the furniture shouldnt look like it was bought at a clearance sale. And there is no excuse for a dirty room and lackluster service.

thank you for the great review and photos - entertaining to read and view. I totally agree with you...this hotel is nothing special and reminded me of a corporate style hotel vs. a luxury hotel - the furnishings are of odd, rather unattractive colors/materials compared to Bellagio or a Wynn property. And there is strangely placed furniture and lighting fixtures throughout the rooms (we were in a suite) - just to fill space it seems. And we found the limited window width really claustrophic on the floors that have the lower ceilings - we had to change rooms over this issue. We also found the lobby not very special and the insane walk through the casino floor to get to the elevators was not fun. would not stay there again!

oh please, these rooms are far much nicer than the ones at bellagio. although the velour/velvet may be a little dirty, it stands out in the room. the rooms are suites, the furniture is much nicer than bellagio (you can hardly see it and most of the furniture is still good),you get 3 tvs instead of 2(at encore you have to share the tv with the semi-living room area), plus a huge sofa with a bed in it(the one at encore is ugly and smaller and no bed), drapes are controlled by a remote but at wynn and bellagio you always have to press the little button on the wall, there are marble steps and a counter here, even the phone in the bathroom here is nicer, the tv here isnt put into the wall like the one at wynn so you can actually watch it without being at the sink, there are also special branded napkins that come handy in your room, and even a nice twist pen instead of those regular cap pens

Unlike the reviewer I rather liked the Venetian. The Palazzo however is a big stain in my mind ... This place is full of Canadian haters. I've tried to play at the tables on two seperate visits over the last year and both times they told me I had to sign up with the casino and get my ID validated to play. I think not. I'll just go to Wynn thanks.

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