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Room Renovations, Casino Construction and More...

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Casino Royale Review Pool

Located behind the existing casino and between the hotel "tower" and the new construction is a small pool. Kidney in shape, I'd bet that a number of readers have larger pools in their back yards. Scattered around the pool are only about a dozen chairs. At least they made an effort to add some greenery.

Casino Royale Review Hallway

Back inside the hotel I took a VT standard hallway shot...which happened to lead right down to the business center. Notice the upside down no smoking sticker (someone got a little too far into the $1 Michelobs).

Casino Royale Review Elevator

There's only one elevator in the hotel that the guests and the staff share. On the way back down to the first floor, I found myself awfully nervous riding in the rickety thing. I looked up to pray for a safe ride when I happened to notice a pretty nifty looking light diffuser at the top of the cab.

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Comments & Discussion

Looks like the bar has been set for my upcoming Golden Nugget Rush Tower review.

I have to say that if I were looking to stay on The Strip, I'd actually consider Casino Royale. When I first noted the renovated rooms earlier this year, my interest was piqued.

The bedroom in the suite looks like Laura Ashley exploded in there. I totally dig the Jr. Suite.

They should never, ever remodel those suites. What a time capsule! Someday this will be vintage Vegas. At the very least it's an option for folks with sleek fatigue.

I would be interested to know whether the room rates are higher now or back in 1990 as the Travelodge. Actually, I'm a little suprised they don't just scrap the hotel and pool to build out the casino. There is always lot's of foot traffic to fill the casino. The $1 Michelobs, Denny's and Outback Steakhouse bring in people. Now people also come in for the new discount show ticket booth. I wonder how much money the casino pulls in?

I think the furniture in that Jr Suite is the exact same furniture in the new Polo Towers renovated rooms.
Seriously though, on those Deluxe rooms, they need to do something. It's a mix of grandmas bedroom with 80's living room (reminds me of the 80's suite at Bill's)

Wow, thanks for the in-depth pics and review. It's not something we get to see often.

ONE elevator?!

I stayed here last year, 2015 and its AMAZING!!! Rooms are so much better after the remodel. This needs a re do

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