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Room Renovations, Casino Construction and More...

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Captain of Team VT and Co-Chair of the VegasTripping Canadian Readers Committee, the one and only CanadianCrapShooter arranged a visit with the kind folks at Casino Royale to check out three tiers of newly (mostly) renovated hotel offerings. CCS capitalized on the invitation by sneaking onto the construction site and into the building to take photos. We knew CCS had balls... but this is Balls! Thanks CCS for serving up the Royale (with cheese)!

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Casino Royale Casino & Hotel opened January 1, 1992 and is located on the strip across from The Mirage between Harrah's and The Venetian. There is a small casino (~30,000 sf.) jammed full of 500 slots and VP machines. There is one pit containing tables for Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Craps, Three Card Poker and Roulette. The hotel portion is a converted Travelodge and contains 152 rooms located on 4 floors. The hotel was recently renovated and the casino is currently undergoing some improvements.

We were offered a tour of Casino Royale's three different room types - Standard, Suite and Jr. Suite - as well as a sneak peek inside the construction zone out back. Onwards!

The Standard

The standard room offering is approx 400sq ft with either a single king bed or two queens. In the main room there is a floor lamp beside a small desk with an old-school phone. Hanging above the desk is a mirror, which is kind of a strange place for one. In the corner of the room is a dark wood dresser with a 32' LG LCD TV atop. To the right is a small table with two chairs, perfect for sitting and fixing a "road-pop" before a night out. The small window above has shutters on it, but no cloth curtains of any kind.

Casino Royale Review Beds

The bed(s) have end table(s) beside them, each with it's own lamp. Rather than covering the bed with a blanket, they decided to scrunch it up into a fancy pattern. 90% of the time that thing would end up kicked onto the floor.

Casino Royale Review Kitchenette

The kitchenette is basically a counter top with a refrigerator and garbage can below it. On top sits a coffee maker, ice bucket and glasses. Across from the kitchenette is the door-less closet. There are no extra pillows or blankets, which is good because there is no upper shelf to put them on. There is a safe at the bottom of the closet, which looks like it is sitting on some kind of plastic bucket. I don't remember seeing an iron or ironing board in the room. Chances are they wouldn't get used all that often.

Casino Royale Review Tub

The bathroom has a tub/shower combo with a simple shower curtain. The throne is a mid-riser that flushed with little gusto (good thing there's no buffet). I am happy to report that there is no shatfone! There is a basic sink with a counter top made from some kind of plastic material. "The Leatherwood Collection" toiletries supplied are pretty standard. Conditioning shampoo, soap, body lotion and a shower cap. Hanging below the counter are the shit tickets.

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Comments & Discussion

Looks like the bar has been set for my upcoming Golden Nugget Rush Tower review.

I have to say that if I were looking to stay on The Strip, I'd actually consider Casino Royale. When I first noted the renovated rooms earlier this year, my interest was piqued.

The bedroom in the suite looks like Laura Ashley exploded in there. I totally dig the Jr. Suite.

They should never, ever remodel those suites. What a time capsule! Someday this will be vintage Vegas. At the very least it's an option for folks with sleek fatigue.

I would be interested to know whether the room rates are higher now or back in 1990 as the Travelodge. Actually, I'm a little suprised they don't just scrap the hotel and pool to build out the casino. There is always lot's of foot traffic to fill the casino. The $1 Michelobs, Denny's and Outback Steakhouse bring in people. Now people also come in for the new discount show ticket booth. I wonder how much money the casino pulls in?

I think the furniture in that Jr Suite is the exact same furniture in the new Polo Towers renovated rooms.
Seriously though, on those Deluxe rooms, they need to do something. It's a mix of grandmas bedroom with 80's living room (reminds me of the 80's suite at Bill's)

Wow, thanks for the in-depth pics and review. It's not something we get to see often.

ONE elevator?!

I stayed here last year, 2015 and its AMAZING!!! Rooms are so much better after the remodel. This needs a re do

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