Bellagio: The VegasTripping Review 2009

Dear God Save The Queen

Posted by Chuckmonster

Bellagio. A name synonymous with luxury. A casino resort without equals. The yardstick by which everything in Las Vegas is measured.

Bellagio. A property designed during those heady days of Windows 95, which has become the resort equivalent of Windows XP - sturdy and solid enough to not warrant seeking an upgrade, particularly if XPellagio is all you've known.

Bellagio. Soon-to-be-displaced crown jewel in the MGM Mirage empire, whose days commanding upwards of $500/night are numbered.

Bellagio 14120

Bellagio. Room number 14120, a Monday night booked via for $159 (plus tax.)

Bellagio Review Beds

The beds - dual queens - were pillow top soft, cushy and smushy even. Slept like a rock. The faux canopy, recessed lighting and drapes tell me that Steve Wynn and Roger Thomas slept here, figuratively of course. And probably not together.

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Powerful ass you got there. Seriously, the Bellagio is a dying relic. I love her, but I want to fix her up. Sounds like a classic love story eh?

Yeah it's not updated, but for someone who's never stayed in a 5 star resort, this would be considered a nice room to them, which it is a nice room, just needs a little sprucing up. That armiore thing takes up a LOT of room though and it makes the room look really small (and the fact that you had a little bitty window factors into the small room thing).

For some reason I've just never liked Bellagio, I don't know why. Everytime I go in that hotel I feel like I'm going to break something or that everyone is staring at me (sleeved rocker chick = not exactly Bellagios wanted clientele)

Not bad for an eleven year-old room.

I suppose the Deluxe rooms leave something to be desired. The Cypress Suite I stayed in recently still matched the Wynn Parlor Suite from back in 2008.

Bellagio is definitely one of the properties that I feel a little out of place at (At first I felt that way about the Golden Nugget as well, but I'm comfortable there now. It must be the influence of Steve Wynn still permeating through the joint. I feel a bit intimidated when I going into Wynn as well.). Going into Bellagio for me is like going into a high end retailer to buy a pair of socks. I'm a small fish in the big pond and the surroundings are a bit intimidating.

We all know that most, if not all of the casino operators have been cutting corners during this current economic downturn. But for a high-end property like Bellagio to allow some of their rooms to get a bit worn around the edges is downright shocking. You might expect that at a property lower down the MGM Mirage food chain (Or at the bulk of Harrah's properties when they're not doing illegal renovations.), but not at something that is at the top of the heap. Well at least it wasn't a repeat of the Mirage YouPube affair......

I stayed at Bellagio for the first time in 2007 in a standard room and was surprised by its simplicity. I had heard great things but couldn't figure out what was so special. I have since stayed in a Bellagio Suite and I liked that a lot more (although 3 bathrooms in a 1 bedroom suite seemed like a bit of overkill or a lack of confidence in your food choices) since it has the flat panel screens, jetted tub, and just more space to spread out. I still like the restaurants and casino (my favorite craps pit in Vegas) but I don't get too excited about their standard rooms.

That camera in the fridge looks delicious

Well, I'd never say Bellagio has the best standard rooms in town (THEhotel) or the best top rooms in town (Skylofts, Wynn villas), and I'm expecting *one* of the CityCenter hotels to take it's Best Overall next year, but those wallpaper scuffs are just too much.

I would still like to stay there one day. Even if the rooms are a bit worn.

I stayed there around the same time that chuck did... maybe even in the same room... and I was not impressed. Yes it's a nice joint, but this is the supposed to be the top of the heap! The room didn't feel like it. The pool area is nice, but I enjoyed my room and pool at the Mirage much better. If you've never stayed there, I'd take it off your list of "must stays". Do the Wynncore instead. At least there you still feel like you get what you pay for.

She was the flagship property of her day (as was the Mirage before her), but the bar has been raised significantly since then. The casino and amenities are still top-notch. However, I'm not sure even a total room renovation could make her the top resort again. But the issue is moot since MGM is simply not willing to put in the money (even though it still generates more than enough profit to justify the expenditure), nor do they have the talent to do a quality redesign of the rooms. It's really going to go downhill next year with much of the staff and top restaraunt/club talent moving over to CC.

The bathrooms are still ok and you could make the room appear larger by removing the giant armoire (but then you have no closet).

Double the size of the armoire and it would make a rentable room in many European cities. The bathroom still looks pretty good. I've always wanted to stay at the Bellagio, but I'll wait to see about future remodels. It still impresses me to walk thru the entrance, the atrium, the casino and of course look at the outside.

Bellagio's rooms aren't as attractive as when they were still pure Steve Wynn. They don't look as inviting since MGM renovated them. The two chairs and round table in the corner, next to the desk are too large for the space and look out of place.
I agree with the comment on the Cypress Suite. It is a great room, and it is very appealing in the photo on Bellagio's site. Somehow, they managed to pull off contemporary in a good way.

Sorry but I disagree. Yes the Bellagio is starting to show some samll signs of age and use, but my thoughts are nowhere near as negative. We find it very comfortable and very friendly and have always been treated extremely well. You talk about no shampoo or conditioner but you show a picture of it on the vanity. We will contnue to stay there.

I agree with johntree. Stop picking on the Bellagio! Wynn and Encore aren't perfact eiether (Ex. small pools, sucky locations etc.) (no offence). Besides, theres 3933 frickin rooms! At least 100 are going to have some problems. Hey, I experienced the same exact issue at Wynn too. There rooms are 5 years old already

Also, by the look of those pics, thats just minor things that can be fixed easily.

Haha, the Bellagio witch hunt continues. Granted, this place is not the jewel of the strip that it once was, but clearly people continue to enjoy it because it is still very identifyable and a major icon of the last Vegas boom. You can find rooms here for $129 a night, and while the things you point out certianly are not indictave of 5 stars, the Bellagio is still an attractive option to many Vegas visitors. I am a big fan of VT, and certainly can appreciate what Steve Wynn did for Vegas, but there are still nice places in Vegas that are no longer under Steve's magic wand. We'll see what the Trippies have to say!

Of course they gave you a crappy room because you booked it through another travel site and not the website. The bellagio makes hardly any money on that and they aren't going to treat you as nice. I have stayed there 3 times and every room I have ever been in has been amazing!

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