Grand Canyon Tour via Maverick Helicopters

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Posted by MikeE

The return flight proved to be just as smooth. Despite having to stop in the middle of nowhere to refuel, the jaunt back was actually quicker since there were fewer sights to circle around. Nevertheless, it provided for some fantastic photo ops of Lake Mead.

Maverick Helicopter Tour Lake Mead

Maverick Helicopter Tour Lake Mead

As a bonus, we flew in north over downtown and headed south on the strip before heading towards McCarran, concluding the tour.

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Classic report. That's the second funniest photo from Mike E's trip.

Counting the days until the case of giveaway coffee mugs with the first funniest photo arrives!

If you thought that was pretty, you should go visit Grand Canyon National Park some time. Grand Canyon West (the part you saw) isn't NEAR as beautiful. And be glad you flew into the area. The road to GCW is an unforgiving 14 miles of unpaved, ungraded road after you've already driven 90 miles from Vegas over Hoover Dam.

Whoa, Mike E was on a helicopter with the dude from Air Supply!

Enjoyed the report, I flew on a prop to the canyon and then descended on a helicopter, which was good and well worth it to see the canyon from a helicopter. Until you are there it's hard to describe the scale, as your photo had issues with and you do start to appreciate how that's captured in good photography. I will respectfully disagree though, the canyon was nice, but Niagara Falls still provides a bigger wow factor for me. Perhaps it's my geography, but everytime I see the falls I can just stare at them for hours.

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