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Posted by MikeE

For several months now, a local friend of mine had been insisting we hit the Grand Canyon via helicopter. Not fond of early mornings and heights, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea, but I finally made the time for it this last trip. We chose Maverick Helicopters' Wind Dancer tour as it takes only a small chunk of the day.

Before I go on, I should say that in the interest of full disclosure, this trip was comped through hook ups of said friend. By no means, however, were we given preferential treatment nor were they aware that this review would be forthcoming.

We left Caesars and headed towards Maverick's headquarters near McCarran's Signature terminal. In the cool, comfortable waiting room, our weights were measured privately, names called, and we were introduced to our fellow passengers and pilot. I was expecting a tent, bathroom scale, and a helicopter on the tarmac - Maverick's level of professionalism was beyond anything I'd ever experienced in any tour inside or out of Vegas.

Before boarding, each party took a picture with the pilot in front of the chopper. Among one of the groups were two older gentlemen with two gorgeous, young ladies. Father/daughter time? After seeing the men physically grope these women and their noticeable discomfort, we could only guess that they were still racking up a bill from the night before. Wow.

Short safety briefings later and we're boarded and on our way.

Headsets with microphones are provided to communicate with one another over the loud propellers. They also provide ambient music to accompany the flight. The selection as the helicopter first took off? Sinatra's "Come Fly With Me". Way cool.

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Classic report. That's the second funniest photo from Mike E's trip.

Counting the days until the case of giveaway coffee mugs with the first funniest photo arrives!

If you thought that was pretty, you should go visit Grand Canyon National Park some time. Grand Canyon West (the part you saw) isn't NEAR as beautiful. And be glad you flew into the area. The road to GCW is an unforgiving 14 miles of unpaved, ungraded road after you've already driven 90 miles from Vegas over Hoover Dam.

Whoa, Mike E was on a helicopter with the dude from Air Supply!

Enjoyed the report, I flew on a prop to the canyon and then descended on a helicopter, which was good and well worth it to see the canyon from a helicopter. Until you are there it's hard to describe the scale, as your photo had issues with and you do start to appreciate how that's captured in good photography. I will respectfully disagree though, the canyon was nice, but Niagara Falls still provides a bigger wow factor for me. Perhaps it's my geography, but everytime I see the falls I can just stare at them for hours.

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