Viva Clay Vegas!

The Las Vegas Strip Preserved, Circa The Year 2000

Posted by Chuckmonster

Las Vegas Strip Sculpture circa 2000

The Rio!, pre-Palms. The detail on this building is truly phenomenal.

Las Vegas Strip Sculpture circa 2000

You'll note that the New Frontier is missing. The Stardust and Circus Circus both have their iconic marquees as well. No, the artists didn't purposefully illustrate The Stratosphere's structural flaws, Miss Monkay snapped it off by accident. The Strat's hotel tower looks nothing like that brown square box.

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Just like a drive down the strip

How can they have skipped the Riveria Hotel?

Also the Circus Circus building has always been white, not blue and where is the big top portion of that hotel.

I have to agree that I miss the Desert Inn. I would much rather have it than either Wynn or Encore hotels.

Thought this was gonna be about Dice Clay's fall from working the Venetian last year to doing the Riviera this year.

I think I saw Mr. Bill be chased by Bluto near Harrah's. Followed by a steam roller.


I want one of those for my desk at work!

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