Viva Clay Vegas!

The Las Vegas Strip Preserved, Circa The Year 2000

Posted by Chuckmonster

Minutes before busting outta town for the drive to Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza 2, I posted a photo of the Las Vegas Strip sculpture that sits on my desk to the Twitter. Many of you inquired about what it is and where to get one. I've been meaning to post a bunch of photos of this thing for eons, but only recently came into the possession of a camera up to the task.

Las Vegas Strip Sculpture circa 2000

This sculpture dates from the year 2000, I bought it on eBay about five years ago from seller RudysToys. A quick check of RudysToys storefront shows at least one of these babys, with a starting price of $19.99. Chances are that Rudy has a ton of these, so don't go driving up the price for your fellow trippers if you want these, be patient until more are listed.

Las Vegas Strip Sculpture circa 2000

And from the other side....

Las Vegas Strip Sculpture circa 2000

Let's cruise Clay Vegas! But first, a jolt... no Welcome to Las Vegas sign! Seriously? Booo!

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Just like a drive down the strip

How can they have skipped the Riveria Hotel?

Also the Circus Circus building has always been white, not blue and where is the big top portion of that hotel.

I have to agree that I miss the Desert Inn. I would much rather have it than either Wynn or Encore hotels.

Thought this was gonna be about Dice Clay's fall from working the Venetian last year to doing the Riviera this year.

I think I saw Mr. Bill be chased by Bluto near Harrah's. Followed by a steam roller.


I want one of those for my desk at work!

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