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They Grow Their Own Beef!

Posted by Mrs. Monkay

In town for the Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza, Chuck and I set up camp at the M Resort, just on the edge of the desert with a lovely view of the Strip. Terzetto's menu caught my eye as I was wandering the joint. In particular, the $40 Alaskan King Crab Legs and the array of steaks, including beef from the M Resort owner's Marnell family ranch in Montana. When Chuck began feeling hungry, I suggested there.

However, there is one thing about this visit that can mark a day in history because at Terzetto, the in-house steakhouse at M Resort, is where Mr. Chuck Monster, he of the non-beef eating people, tasted my steak. And he liked it.

M Resort Terzetto Restaurant Review

With no reservations, as usual, we sauntered in during the prime Sunday evening dinner time of 7:00pm. We were offered seats on the terrace as the weather was lovely, but the noise from the Italian American Festival going on at the pool was too much. We also regrettably passed on the Oyster Bar due to the lack of full menu; only cold seafood at the bar. We settled at a lovely table near the terrace, with a great view of the sunset.

M Resort Terzetto Restaurant Review

We began with a dozen raw oysters, which were identified as Blue Points when they were set down in front of us. Replete with cocktail sauce and horseradish, Chuck and I dug in and enjoyed the fresh, small, cold, taste-like-the-side-of-a-boat bites of the ocean. Excellent, but we could have used a little more horseradish.

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Comments & Discussion

I'm sorry but those prices are outrageous. Do you know how many ears of corn or pounds of potatoes I could buy for $7.00? And $36 for a 6 oz steak, that's $96 a pound. Kobe beef doesn't cost that much.

I will be in Las Vegas in three weeks and now I know to steer clear of this ripoff restaurant.

Just noticed that your article said the filet was 6 ounces but on the check you were charged for a 9 ounce steak. Were you ripped off and overcharged?

Good question. However, the last part of that question would be, did those magic mushrooms I ate before the meal affect my memory and I in fact ordered a 9oz?

Re: Atltrainman

When you go to a restaurant you don't pay for just the cost of the food itself; you're paying for all the other costs... like the cheese in the ASIAGO potatoes or the CREAM in the creamed corn. And the chef who cooked the side dishes. And the Maitre d'. And the busboy. And the dishwasher. And the rent. And... you get the idea.

$7 for a side dish that can be shared is not outrageous... in fact it's pretty average for a pricey restaurant. I actually was surprised at how cheap the bill was, but the lack of alcohol solves the mystery.

Terzetto is clearly not an everyday restaurant but it looks like the author got he/she paid for. If the service is as good as the food looks/sounds then I'm visiting.

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