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Donnymac Does THEhotel at Mandalay Bay and Brings Back The Goods

Posted by Chuckmonster

THEhotel at Mandalay Bay photos review

Hrm. Those are not the original bedspreads at THEhotel. They're recycled from the 2005 "TI" renovation at Treasure Island! Ok, they aren't, but the design principle is the same, just inverted. THEhotel at Mandalay Bay photos review

The only change here is that now they put soap and shampoo on the ledge in the shower instead of a wash cloth. Yay! The rest seems the same.

THEhotel at Mandalay Bay photos review

Shatphone? Check.

So what's the difference between THEhotel 2009 and THEhotel 2006? Structurally, nothing. If you've stayed at THEhotel recently, let us know what you thought by posting a review to THEhotel's page in the guide or adding a comment below.

Big huge thanks to Donnymac66 for sharing his photos with us... you rule Don!

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One of the features of the suites at THEhotel which I miss is the live plant that used to be in the living room. It was a nice touch that I noticed was gone the last time I stayed there.

Something about those satin bedcovers just doesn't sit right with me...

I'm staying 3 nights at THEhotel in Dec. so I will post a review after. I'm quite excited to stay there but they will need to live up to my last 2 experiences at Wynn and Encore to pass my test. Yes, I'm high maintenance.

Over the years I haven't noticed any changes in their basic rooms. They now offer upgraded suites (which might become the new basic if they ever rennovate). The only major changes I have noticed were the addition of Mix and the pool table room expansion of the lobby bar. Of course, there really wasn't a need for much change.

I stayed at a atsandard suite at TheHotel in September for the first time in a few years. It was pretty much the same as when it opened (I mean that in a good way). I was specifically looking for signs of wear and tear as I had seen comments to that effect. I did not see any obvious signs of aging or need for renos. Same great experience as previous ones.

Spent 3 nights at THEhotel last month, my third visit since it opened, the first two being in 2006 and 2007. Like mungroo, I was expecting to see some signs of wear, but my particular room was clean and in great condition. I much prefer the old "Westin" style bed covers they used to have; not a fan of the slippery satin thing they have on the bed now.

My original gripes with THEhotel (out of the way location, looong walk to the pool) remain. While Encore gets the nod for best standard room, THEhotel is still a decent alternative if you have to set up base camp on the southern end of the Strip.

looks exactly as i remember it in '07 maybe '06. oh, i don't remember.

I stayed at THEhotel in July. I've stayed there in the past but this time I got a good rate on the room so I was extra happy. The suites have always impressed me and this time it was no different except that the suites are starting to show their age slightly. I found the staff to be very nice and helpful which sort of completes the easy going/subdued vibe at THEhotel. The proximity to most everything you need is very close which minimizes walking. If you plan on venturing away from the south strip, it helps to have your own transportation because cab rides can get expensive being so far down south. A couple standouts I encountered during my stay were the food at Raffles Cafe, and the specialty drinks on the menu at the Eyecandy Lounge in the center of the Mandalay Bay casino floor. If I get a similar rate, I would not hesitate to book THEhotel many times in the future.

I'll be spending a couple nights here early next month, so it will be interesting for me to see for myself how THEHotel is holding up. I've always been curious as to how sweet these suites actually are, so this should be fun. :-)

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