CanadianCrapShooter's Random Drunken (Vegas) Thoughts #4

Number Four. The Hard Way.

Posted by CanadianCrapShooter

CanadianCrapSchooter's Random Drunken Thoughts #4

Our dear friend - and captain the VegasTripping long distance marathon team! - Mr. CanadianCrapShooter is back with the fourth installment of his ongoing series "Random Drunken (Vegas) Thoughts." If I were a betting man - which I sure as hell am - I'd wager a Thurman Munson rookie card plus a bucket of quarters that you've had many of these very same thoughts. It truly is amazing how Vegas turns all of our brains into mush at one point or another. Take it away CanadianCrapShooter!

  • Excalibur has an awesome touch screen menu thingy at the Italian restaurant, Regale. This is quite possibly the best thing about the property. (It turns out that lots of properties have these things.)
  • The Excalibur wedding chapel is at the back of the food court? Classy.
  • Holy crap the Luxor finally got around to finishing their poker room. Nice.
  • What time is it? I don't know, I don't have a clock on my watch.
  • A smart man once said, "Every bet in a casino is a sucker bet".
  • I'll bet you five dollars that you lose your five dollars.
  • I'm so hungry, I could eat these jam packets...and she did.
  • I appreciate the padded counter at the MGM Grand cashier.
  • Why can't everyone put the lime in the Corona bottle? That way I don't have to touch it with my dirty fingers.
  • There's a good chance I'm peaking too early tonight.
  • "Man cannot live on beer alone." -Nine Fine Irishman at NYNY. I'm sure trying.
  • I'm pretty sure I'm lost.
  • Nobody needs two carnival sized cocktails. Nobody.
  • Shit faced doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • You're telling me a jack high pai gow doesn't win, bull shit.
  • Ahhh shit. Time for bed.
  • Urinal piss pads FTW.
  • You lost all your money? It's ok hunny, I'll buy you breakfast.
  • Highlight of the night, singing the Canadian National anthem at the blackjack table.
  • The TI poker room will text you when your seat is available. That's a nice feature.
  • Where did all of the porn-slappers go? Did they melt in the heat?
  • Who would have thought McDonald's was so damn delicious.
  • I love this town!

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Comments & Discussion

WTF? Has there been a decrease in porn slappers? NooooO!!!! I want to see the big neon flashing signs they carry on their backs now!!

I didn't see a single pornslapper with a backpack sign thingy the whole trip. I guess they couldn't make the payments.

I believe they've dispatched the pornsherpas to Fremont Street, as I do remember seeing a few of them back in March there.

this is great!

Porn slappers are still all over the place. Try the CityCenter office between NYNY and Monte Carlo. You'll be up to your ears in them. The front of Caesars and the space between Bally's and Paris is another prime example.

Increased police presence may have driven some slappers who were really not on public space away. Really, solicitation on the Strip became just a bit too much in the past year. Guys were setting up temporary tables, or unfolding blankets to hawk merchandise on the elevated bridges over the street, which is something I know they're not supposed to be doing.

Despite my nationality, I would've joined you in singing the Candian national anthem at the blackjack table were I there. Except that I only know the first two words, and something about native sons.

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