Bellagio Penthouse Suite Photo/Video Review

It's Got A Bidet!

Posted by Chuckmonster

Here's a special treat... VT reader Blackjacker1979 brought back photos and HD video from a recent stay in one of Bellagio's One Bedroom Penthouse Suite, #34058 to be exact.

Bellagio Penthouse Bed

The Bed

Pillow top mattress, four pillows, no bolsters and a wooden wrap around bed frame.

Bellagio Penthouse Nightsta

Night stand

The opposite side features an iHome iPod docking station. Note turn down service slippers. Wires = messy.

Bellagio Penthouse Chair

Chair / TV

This tv faces the previously pictured bed. All will become clear when you see the video on the last page of this photo review. Does anyone even use dressers like these when visiting hotels?

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Comments & Discussion

I really don't think they can fit modern and elegant into one hotel.

Glad I could share this, as a Wynncore fan myself since relocating my play there from Bellagio, was curious how the suites really stacked up. It is an odd mix of modern and the usual Bellagio frill. Hodgepodge almost of Roger Thomas design and MGM's non-theme movement.

Yeah, the Wynn dry cleaning...I had just spent 3 days at Encore. And the TVs on poles, why does it make me think of a very private Baccarat lounge?

I guess I've never gotten the full explanation on the use of a bidet...yeah its used to clean your booty....but isn't that what toilet paper is for? Something about water spraying up my rear just screams NO

supposedly you get a cleaner, um, undercarriage when you use a bidet vs just wiping. the whole idea of actually washing vs. just pushing the shit particles around.

also read something recently saying that we could save billions of trees by not flushing TP all the time, and that they will soon try to introduce the bidet to american homes. yeah, it's a culture shock(er) to say the least.

Welcome to the Embassy Suites in Boise, Idaho. It's a complete travesty. Honestly, somebody should be fired over this. Looks like MGM used whatever surplus furnishings they had lying around. I was not a huge fan of the overly ornate and flowery/frilly original furnishings, but at least they projected a coherent and cohesive style.

Maybe the plan is to downgrade Bellagio, so that Aria will be the top MGM property by default.

^^ a perfect analysis by parchedearth.

Its always negative comments about this great place for some reason ever since Wynn left Mirage resorts. I stayed in one of Bellagio's suites recently and it was amazing- as good as the Wynn tower suites that I have also stayed in. I don't see whats wrong with their new suites. Sure its a bit modern but the point is, Bellagio has been maintained wonderfully throughout the years and has kept its luxury title with it. Hey, at least MGM didn't make it look like Mirage's new rooms (ala jetsons)

The Bellagio rules... Its Steve Wynn's true masterpiece now and forever.

This room looks more or less fine to me. The usual Wynn ass-kissing aside (if you think there isn't a lot of brown and creme at Wynn boy do I have a bridge to sell you), the big uh-oh to me was that only one of the lights at the bathroom vanity was on. I expect that in an average room, they have thousands of them. I figured in their fancier suites they'd at least turn the lights on as they go through after a customer and check that they work.

Correction: Vanity = Sink.

Whatevs. At my house we don't have nearly that many mirrors. :b

The view is less desirable than I thought.

5 star joints need upkeep - you can't just buy one and parade it around like a jewel in a crown.

Bottom line - MGM doesn't know how to run/build/maintain a 5 star joint.

That's nice, but I agree with some of the negative comments above. I've actually had a larger/nicer suite in Atlantic City. ::GASP!:: lol

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