California Hotel & Casino : The VT Review 2009

In Search Of The Spirit of Aloha

Posted by Chuckmonster

California Hotel Casino Review Sinks

The standard issue hotel bathroom doesn't look like it has been refurbished at all. The fluorescent overhead lights coupled with the blue walls made the monster that is me look even more ghoulish than normal. That I could see my reflection in the mirror gave me solace that I had not been transformed into a vampire.

California Hotel Casino Review Amenities

Above you will see The Cal's collection of soaps and stuff as they were upon arrival. With barely 10 seconds of effort, I arranged them all pretty like (see inset) - rotated and straightened shampoo tubes, flipped and rotated soap, straightened out the ice bucket bag and generally aligned all the pixels.

The Cal's soap offerings are run of the mill stuff. Nothing fancy, nothing exceptionally stinky and no soaps littered with oatmeal or other exfoliating debris.

California Hotel Casino Review Toilet

The toilet was standard issue, medium rider wrapped with a paper sash that read "Miss Sanitized 2009." Unfortunately, they neglected to 'end off' and fold up the toilet paper rolls, poo-tentially leaving the previous occupants dirty deeds hanging around. Lazy. And somewhat dangerous.

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Comments & Discussion

Not bad for a downtown joint. They look a lot better than those Golden Gate rooms!

Your pictures brought back a funny time from Vegas, My wife was taking a shower and she was complaining about how the shower caps didn't do the job. I went to investigate and had to sit on the toilet and laugh, she had used a spare ice bucket liner. I still tease her now and then.

By the by those rooms look really good for downtown. I am going to Tahoe this year but maybe some could look at the El Cortez Cabana Suites? If not I may see them in Dec.

Actually, the rooms at the Golden Gate these days are not that bad. I was too lazy to ever get around to taking some photos of my room there back in March, but there is a huge difference between the rooms of the 2008 review of the joint and the way they are now. IIRC, there is a link in one of the articles from back in either January, February, or early March to someone's Flikr account that includes photos of the new rooms there. At least their rooms had LCD tvs in them.... :P

The Cal rooms look nice, but as long as I can still get my $19.06/night rates most nights at the Golden Gate, I'm sticking to the GG.

After that toilet comment I was expecting AC/DC for the soundtrack.

I'm guessing that that was a weekend rate? It looks like their base rates for the Deluxe king (pre-tax) run $45-81 on weekend, averaging around $60, and $36 during the week.

That's a pretty decent price for a nice room, even downtown. My guess is that being a block off Fremont is an actual advantage downtown? I've never stayed there.

And are you sure that sticky translucent stain was nail polish?

I think it was a Sunday night. The price was actually on the higher end of things available that night, less than the Fremont and Golden Nugget, but more than everything else. I thought at the time that the rack rate was a little on the high side, but went with it.

Chuckmonster - Excellent review of one of my favorite Vegas haunts. You hit every nail on the head with no bias. Having stayed at the Bellagio, Wynn, and Nugget, we always spend a few choice days at TheCal. It may not be for eveyone, but I'd bet everyone would enjoy a spark of Aloha once in awhile.....Thanks!


What a$$ did they pull this money out of to re-do these rooms? Last I heard they got sold, again, and again, and again with every new owner promising to invest money in the place.
I guess these buyers might actually do it. I'll believe it when I see it but these digs, while not high class or luxe, are definitely an improvement from the mirrored ceiling rooms they have now.

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