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Taking a second, deeper look at the pending future of Las Vegas

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ARIA Sky Suites

ARIA's Sky Suites are located on ARIA's top floors and feature private porte cochere, private hotel check in, private elevators and the best of the best amenities you can imagine. They come in five configurations - 1 Bedroom ARIA Suite, 2 Bedroom ARIA Suite, 1 Bedroom Penthouse, 2 Bedroom Penthouse and the ever so elusive Sky Villas. Of these, only the One Bedroom Penthouse has been revealed, and my oh my is it kooky.

Aria Vegas One Room Penthouse

One Bedroom Penthouse

Whoa. White tufted vinyl headboard, slate hue throws, curtains and carpeting, lemon bolsters, a tripod lamp and that supremely wacky "Hand" sculpture in front of the TV! Welcome to the hi-tech version of the Flamingo's Go Rooms (de-pinked.) Unfortunately, there are no floor plans of the Sky Suites published yet, but we're hoping to get some from the powers that be in due time.


After eyeballing the model photos and floor plans over and over for a week or so, I'm convinced that the rooms at ARIA will be an exquisite experience to behold. I'm also convinced that ARIA's website does a truly horrible job presenting the rooms clearly and effectively. When they were first unveiled, many VT readers and other Vegas aficionados I've discussed them with from were less than impressed. The general consensus could best be described as 'modern fatigue.' With most of MGM Mirage's properties undergoing room facelifts over the last few years - all designed by their in-house design team - it is a foregone conclusion that there will be similarities throughout. If the previously unsheathed MGM moderne designs aren't your cup of joe, the only chance ARIA has to change your mind is its quirky room layout and inventive architecture.

I'm calling 'dibs' on a Corner Suite... see y'all in December.

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It sucks that the 1 bedroom penthouse has the coolest decor out of all the rooms.

Given how day-to-day rates are, you should probably say when you're going to be there so people know what to look at.

Palazzo at $200 is a fantasy on some evenings.

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