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ARIA Suites

ARIA's suites come in four flavors - Corner Suite, Crystals Suite, Cirrus Suite and the Executive Hospitality Suite.

Aria Vegas Corner Suite

Of these four suite types, we've only seen model photos of one - the Corner Suite (it isn't on ARIA's website) - which is undeniably bitchin'. Gettin' busy with the curtains open to THAT view = AWESOME!

Despite the lack of photos of most of ARIA's suites, studying the floor plans published on ARIA's website do reveal a lot of juicy information... and have helped me narrow down which of the offerings I'm most excited to book.

ARIA Las Vegas Suites - Corner Suite - Crystals Suite

The Corner and Crystals share a number of similar characteristics - they both have jacuzzi tubs which are situated close to the floor to ceiling windows. I honestly can't think of any better way to recuperate from a bender than having hot jets massage my nether regions as my eyes soak up the Strip. Throw in some champagne, a cigar and another naked body or three and... well... sold. The Corner Suite clinches the deal by having a second bathroom by the entrance.

ARIA Las Vegas Suites - Executive Suite - Cirrus Suite

The Executive Hospitality Suite is - as expected - more "business" than pleasure. The Exec Suite features a 12 chair meeting room, a bar, two bathrooms, one bedroom and a large living room area all of which stretches longways against the exterior windows. If negotiating the finer points of a contract is your bag... I doubt you'll find a better view to do in front of.

The Cirrus Suite seems more like a 3+1 1/2 condo apartment than a suite in a casino hotel. After seeing the layout of the Crystals and Corner Suites, having the tub squirreled away into the bathroom is a turn off.

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It sucks that the 1 bedroom penthouse has the coolest decor out of all the rooms.

Given how day-to-day rates are, you should probably say when you're going to be there so people know what to look at.

Palazzo at $200 is a fantasy on some evenings.

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