The Rooms at ARIA Las Vegas

Taking a second, deeper look at the pending future of Las Vegas

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It has been about two months since the veil was pulled off ARIA's website, opening the door to the most technically advanced room offerings in Las Vegas. Now that the hubub has subsided and we've reached the 200 day mark until ARIA opens, it might be a good idea to give ARIA's rooms and suites a slightly more detailed second look.

The rooms at ARIA are organized into three tiers - Rooms, Suites and the ultra-luxe ARIA Sky Suites.

ARIA Deluxe Rooms

ARIA's rooms come in two flavors - Deluxe (single king bed) and Deluxe Queen. A third demarcation - Deluxe Room City View (which presumably comes in king and dual queen) - is also listed, and we're unclear as to whether or not this is a different flavor altogether or just price point marketing of the rooms' 'view.' What we are sure about is that Deluxe rooms peer out from the CityCenter complex, whereas Deluxe Room City View overlook the guts of the city-within-a-city Fauxtropolis.

Aria Vegas Deluxe Queen

What strikes me about the above model room photo - and the two following - is the thematic incongruence of the furnishings in the "Deluxe" room cache. The above "Deluxe (Dual) Queen" looks nothing like the other Deluxe rooms, other than the shape of the room. It is understandable that Dual Queen configuration requires adjusting the layout, but completely changing up the decor doesn't exactly make sense from a 'branding and identity' perspective. Another possibility is that Deluxe rooms in different parts of ARIA's vast and complex hotel have different setups in varying degrees of 'lux.'

Aria Vegas Deluxe Room II

This is the original "Deluxe King" room, which was the subject of Introducing ARIA..., an in depth analysis of the "Deluxe King" room offering. Still love that 'gator skin bag.

Aria Vegas Deluxe Room

This version of the Deluxe room features pin striping on the bed spreads (similar to the upgraded rooms at Treasure Island and the recently teased Hotel32 at Monte Carlo), a blue suede headboard (instead of purple), solid brown carpeting, different chairs (sans bolsters) and different decor accoutrements (vase, lamps etc.) The 'gator bag is a constant.

ARIA Las Vegas Suites - Executive Suite - Cirrus Suite

The floor plans reveal that these rooms follow the standard room layout, but with two major exceptions - the W.C. has a door for privacy (something you don't see in 'standard' rooms) and to get into the tub, you have to walk through the shower. As expected, the Deluxe King and Deluxe City View rooms share the same floor plan, but different views.

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It sucks that the 1 bedroom penthouse has the coolest decor out of all the rooms.

Given how day-to-day rates are, you should probably say when you're going to be there so people know what to look at.

Palazzo at $200 is a fantasy on some evenings.

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