Mirage Las Vegas : The VegasTripping Review 2009

Two visits 15 months apart, in the same - yet completely different - room

Posted by Chuckmonster

Mirage Las Vegas : 2009 New Rooms Review -  Bacon

Room Service

We ordered room service the next morning before we checked out to head over to Encore for two more nights. Miss Monkay ordered a yogurt/fruit parfait and I got the standard American Breakfast, with pancakes, potatoes, bacon and eggs over easy. We got a pot of coffee to go with it. The pancakes and eggs were pretty good, but the bacon tasted like it was cooked two days prior and left out to dry overnight. The potatoes and coffee were similarly torched and tasteless. After 'eating,' we left The Mirage as quickly as possible, eager to GTFO of this mess.

Oh, and one last thing... that "Premium View" I upgraded to? It was a view of the pool from the 12th floor - not the volcano or The Strip. Perhaps by premium view they meant that I'd get to look at a previous guests ashes, dandruff, pubes and Premium cracker crumbs.


Our one night stay at The Mirage was a bona fide multi-sensory disaster and one of the most uncomfortable hotel experiences we've ever had in Las Vegas.

We review hotel rooms under the premise that whatever cards we are dealt, we play - good or bad. If we were planning on staying for any longer than one night, or had arrived earlier in the day, we very well may have requested a room change or at the very least told housekeeping that the room needed a thorough cleaning before splitting for the days adventure.

This review is a textbook example of why vigilant enforcement of housekeeping standards is the bedrock upon which a hotel's guests sleep soundly. Two visits 15 months apart, in the same - yet completely different - room, yield almost exactly the same results (or worse.) You do the math.

Video Walkthrough

Here's the video walkthrough: (The soundtrack was originally supposed to be Can't Do Nuttin For Ya Man by Public Enemy, but YouTube's copyright cops put the kibosh on it, hence the Bach. We probably won't be posting vids to YouTube much longer.)

If you have any questions or comments about the room, be sure to post them in the comments thingy below and we'll be more than happy to answer them the best we can.

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Comments & Discussion

Even though it's dirty, I still like the rooms at Mirage and I'll be staying there in November. For $49 a night it couldn't be beat. LoL We shall see.....

Yikes...The Wife and I are staying at the Mirage in May. I'll have to remember that room number...

Hearing about how Vegas is empty is pretty strange. I guess i'll see next month. Hopefully it warms up enough to swim.

I am so glad you posted this review. After years of waiting to stay at The Mirage -- we wanted to save this 'special' hotel for a special occasion, my entire family booked rooms for my college graduation. Hair in the bathrooms, dirty floors, and my personal favorite -- a roach crawling on the nighstand next to my bed is the special treatment we received. After complaining they credited one night's room back, but it was not enough to make up for the dissapointment we felt after looking forward to staying here for so long. I have never had a dirty room at Treasure Island, and will stay there over The Mirage from now on.

Awesome report. Thanks for putting it up!

Back in the late 90s, my mother had a room at the Mirage. Gambling is an inherited trait. She and a friend checked in and went to their room, only to find that someone else inhabited the same room. Back down to the desk and appologies and a new nicer room was assigned. If the room was not spottlessly clean, my mother would have been out of there in a hurry. These were the days before the buyout by MGM. Times have changed. Maybe that first room was the same one reviewed.

what a lame effort by the mirage. i hope it's not that disappointing at their club Jet, which is where I'm supposed to be partying in a couple weeks...

The housekeeping issues notwithstanding, I hate the decor choices they have made. I can't stand the orangey 1960's modernist look. Maybe I'm just not with it enough but I like the old south seas style any day over this atrocity.

I stayed in a no-smoking, Strip-view, two-bed room and thought it was fine. Though I honestly think this hotel probably works best for young singles considering the bathroom is too small to really deal with the morning needs of more than one resident. The mattress was the most comfortable sleep I've had in Vegas in a long time (then again, since moving here the only other hotels I've stayed at are Wynn, MGM Grand, and Imperial Palace. And I don't like those Wynn beds.)

The orange chair and bizarre bench aren't included in a double bed room, just so ya know.

As for getting a premium view, all I can say is that I asked the friendly registration woman to give me a view of Caesars, Trump, or anything that wasn't the west side of town, since I live on the west side of town and see it all the time. I didn't present any bribery with this request and still landed a volcano view.

thank you for the great review... i will be staying there at the end of april i think i will bring my rubber gloves. incase i have to clean my bathroom.....

I stayed in a Penthouse Suite at the Mirage about 18 months ago and swore I'd never set foot in this dump again. (I lied because of LOVE.) The only thing worse than the rooms at the Mirage are the staff that couldn't care less about you.

A friend from work just stayed there and he didnt complain about the place other than the fact that he and his friends were charged 15 bucks to use the Internet on their computer. I have never stayed at Mirage and from the sounds of this I will continue to stay in other places. I wonder if Ruffin will take the place off of MGM's hands and make it as clean as TI?

Just returned from the Mirage today. Room was okay, staff was so bad I had no choice but to complain to the higher ups. Elevators were broke off and on for a whole day. Can't believe in these times that they would treat you so bad you have no reason to ever go back.

I believe that it was SIX bits more than you wanted to spend. Two bits equals a quarter.

After seeing that red pube, I may never again visit The Mirage - which to this point, had been one of my favorite hotels ever.


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