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Photos and Video Walkthrough Of Paris Las Vegas LeMans / Giverny Suite

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Paris Las Vegas : Lemans Suite Review : Suite Re

Usually, when we do up a review of a room it includes detailed descriptions, analysis and conjecture, included to help convey the 'feel' of the room. This time we've got a whole bunch of nothing. Why? Because I didn't stay here, but instead did a photo/video tour of it courtesy of VT Posse members Mr. & Mrs. Jackpots. The Jackpots' aren't particularly chatty as far as the written word is concerned, nor do they really get wound up about the quality of their room as long as they are served properly by their casino host and the room's shower isn't a tub with a plastic curtain around it.

Paris Las Vegas : Lemans Suite Review : Entry

As you will see from the accompanying photos, they were served very well by their casino host - spacious, comfortable accommodations and a fruit basket & cheese plate - all comped. In speaking with them during and after this visit, they loved the new designs for this suite compared to past versions they've stayed in.

While gathering up some additional information, I noticed that this specific room design is not noted on the Paris website. I believe it is a LeMans suite, but could be wrong... a placard out front said "Giverny." It's very possible that this was either a demo room, or they've changed the design to be more similar to the Paris Red Rooms.

The ensuing discourse will be limited to my observations after spending a few hours in the room poking around, taking pictures and touching everything. It's more of a 'photo review' than an 'actual review.'

So, without further adieu, here's the photo review of the Paris Las Vegas LeMans/Giverny suite #2702P. Note: a video of the room is on the last page.

The Paris LeMans/Giverny suite's double doors opened up into a large vestibule with a small table to the left and a bar/kitchenette area to the right. Straight ahead to is an array of couches and chairs and to the left is a luxurious king bed. The suite features two bathrooms, one for the lounge area and one for the bedroom area.

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FYI, all your links inside the article go to your oops page.

ps: The colors in this suite make me want to vomit

thanks batman... the links have been de-Ooops!ed. the carpet is a little overboard for a hotel room. leave that shit in the casino.

the jackpots! i miss those guys. what was mrs. jackpots take this round on the slots?

as for paris, i'll be staying there again this april for work. it gets the job done, ya know? no big awesome suites for me though

Much, much nicer than the Giverny suite that I stayed at a few years back. They finally got rid of that huge and bulky armoire in the center of the room. It looks way better now.

I hope they don't stop short of remodeling all the rooms like the Flamingo and Excalibur did.

Not a bad looking suite.

P.S. Loving the new (bigger) video!

Great pics!

thanks 4 sharing ....would love to stay there

aside from the scary looking carpet the room looks very nice. i have considered staying at Paris so this makes me think a bit more about it.

This is a LeMans suite and is MUCH nicer with the remodel. We were put up in one on the house back a few years ago and the fabrics/layout were very dated even then. Much nicer with a straightforward layout than the ones closer to the elevator core.

This isn't a Le Mans suite. The Le Mans only has one bathroom. This Giverny suite seems like a Calais suite, but without the separate bedroom.

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