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Botero Steak at Encore Las Vegas - Creamed Spinach, Crispy Egg


Creamed spinach, crispy egg. The creamed spinach came with a breaded and deep fried egg on top of it, which when 'cracked' revealed a soft boiled egg inside. The egg was delicious, but the creamed spinach seemed to lack any seasoning whatsoever.

Botero Steak at Encore Las Vegas - Filet Steak


The filet was fantastic and served with Brazilian Chimichurri spice rub 'on the side' as requested. Botero serves all their steaks with a choice of traditional, pepper or Chimichurri rubs. The caramelized onion tart's sweetness complimented the zing of the Chimichurri rub perfectly. The menu to the right shows you the different cuts they offer and *gulp* prices.

Botero Steak at Encore Las Vegas - Dayboat Scallops


The Dayboat Scallops proved to be more of a low density bouillabaisse. If I had known this, I probably would've ordered something else. It was cooked perfectly, although I was a bit disappointed by the disparity between the cryptic menu description and what was delivered.

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