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Custom Tasting Menu By Chef Theo Schoenegger

Posted by Chuckmonster

Sinatra Restaurant Review - Encore Las Vegas :  Tiramasu

Dessert #1

Tiramisu with chocolate "chips." Delicious and flavorful, nice light coffee flavor and not overly boozy. Surprisingly light.

Sinatra Restaurant Review - Encore Las Vegas :  Panacotta

Dessert #2

Vanilla bean panacotta with sugar chips, fresh berries and sprigs of mint. Lovely.

Sinatra Restaurant Review - Encore Las Vegas :  The Bill

The Bill

$450, all inclusive - food, wine pairings for each course and gratuity. Since we were 'invited guests' for Encore Media Week, they picked up the tab. If we were paying out of pocket, we probably would've passed on the wine pairings (not big winos) putting the meal more in the $250 range, which is a steal for a custom tasting menu of this depth and quality. Recommended.

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italian sparkling wine from Italy is called Prosecco.

testing the comments thingy....

I took my Mom here for her birthday, unfortunately it was the last night of CES and the room had 4 tables of 15 all trying to talk over each other. I know they were playing music but you couldn't hear it over the din (outside was closed due to poor weather). We started at the Bar where they make an awesome Tiramisu Martini. The Appetizers were a good start (I enjoyed the Carpaccio while Mom had the Assaggini Di Mare shown above - however the main courses were uneven. My Ossobucco was amazing but the risotto cannelloni that came with it seem like it was made from yesterday's left over risotto. Unfortunatly my Mom ordered the Cioppino with a "tomato saffron broth" - what she got was a plate of small pieces of fish (Bass, shrimp, lobster, and Clams) with a teaspoon of tomato broth underneath. No hit of saffron and certainly now what I would call a cioppino. It was obvious that they were still trying to find their rhythm and having sveral big tables at once threw things off in the kitchen. Still the space was amazing but the food just didn't match up to it - perhaps if we had gotten the special Chief's tasting menu (no tasting menus were offered that night) we would have had a better experience.

Thanks for this review CM.....It was or still is on our agenda for our September trip. Cheers

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