CanadianCrapShooter's Random Drunken Thoughts #3

The Four Drunk Canadians Edition

Posted by CanadianCrapShooter

CanadianCrapSchooter's Random Drunken Thoughts #3

Well here we go with random drunken thoughts number 3, the Four Drunk Canadians Edition. Mrs. Crapshooter and I traveled with our two closest friends to Vegas for the first time this January. We stayed at Encore/Wynn so most of our time spent was a the north end of the Strip.


  • Thank god for no snow.
  • Forum Shop's twisty escalators are neat. That is all.
  • Longchamp. Someone just names a store after themselves and sells purses and shoes for thousands of dollars.
  • In Vegas, Coach purses are like assholes and Mustangs. Everyone has got one.
  • Why does Caesars Palace suck so hard. Just blow the fucking thing up and rebuild already. Oh yeah and plan it this time.
  • The sales lady asked where our drinks are. Good point.
  • Segway security guards are cool.
  • Casino Royale is like an expensive arcade.
  • Cheers to cheap beers.
  • Venetian's downhill moving sidewalks are scary.
  • Venetian's and Palazzo's scent offends my nostrils.
  • Slots-a-fun hundy chip is all pink and shiny, not black like normal.
  • Circus2 smells a little like cat litter shoved in a babies diaper.
  • Note to self, when I say go left, head right.
  • Circus2 has half a craps table. WTF?
  • 25 dollar blackjack at Circus2 huh?
  • The dealer just suggested that we "put the beers on the rail or they will get warm". I tipped him for his good advise.
  • The drunk dude at Circus2 is quoting Beavis and Butthead. "I need tp for my bunghole. Why does everyone want to see my unit?".
  • Steven, "My stomach hurts from all the booze.". CCS, "Take a pepto and Shut the fuck up.".
  • CCS to Steven in Circus2 washroom. "Dude, look at how long it is". Speaking about the paper towel.
  • Dear Viva Mc Donalds, install a fucking sidewalk.
  • Even the bathrooms at Encore are sexy.
  • I heart this fucking town.
  • Johnny Walker black and water is magic in a glass.
  • Slots-a-fun craps plus Encore blackjack plus Encore craps equals up 6 hundy. Too bad its after midnight.
  • The restrooms at Encore are quite possibility the perfect restrooms. Very fancy, stalls go floor to ceiling, dual splash guards, the top of the urinals are flat for your drink, auto water, auto soap and manual paper towels.
  • The ceiling outside the LOVE theater is amazing. Mirrors are cool.
  • THe Mirage smells flipping amazing.
  • The Mirage has real grass out front. Kick ass. I wonder how many other properties have the real stuff.
  • Someone turn down the fucking heat at TI. I'm sweating my bag off here.

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Comments & Discussion

I thought it was just me but, circus2 does smell funky.

When I say turn left-turn right
Hate the smell at" The Venusion " (our nickname for a place we don't like)
The smell of The Mirage toiletries is great.
Only one place to stay The Encore/Wynn.
Finally, the best hamburger ever is at The Country Club at Wynn.
(I was just at Encore Jan. 2nd for 5 days, but I doubt I'll return in the winter)
Always enjoy ur comments!

Oh, the bedsheets at The Encore started burning my skin. (Probably not washed yet. but I found you can order-check this out-non-allergic sheets. I ended up w/ a burn on one leg.
This happened last year at The Mirage, but I'm severely allergic to bleach, so I just called for 2 blankets to sleep on. My friend had trouble too w/ welts. Glad to know becuz I like the new rooms there.

In response to GRASS, the Town Square place out past Mandalay Bay has this really soft almost golf course like grass. I like it and want to know where to get some (not like it would grow here in FL, but I'm just sayin)

I'm sooo glad other people then Venetian smells bad, I think it's a mixture of old lady soap and douchebag purfume/cologne

Manual paper towels at Encore? That's so 90s!

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