Encore Las Vegas Resort Suite : The VegasTripping Review 2009

Review of the Resort Suite at Encore Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster

Encore Las Vegas Room Review Photos - Bedside


Like Wynn Macau, all lights and curtains in the room can be controlled by a bedside unit which doubled as a clock. Each lamp also had it's own button which raised the lights half way if they were previously turned off via remote. A second press of the button would turn the individual lamp to full brightness. Another interesting aspect of all of the lighting is auto dimmers, they fade on or off.


Also on the night stand is a white phone. On ours, the preprogrammed speed dial buttons to various hotel services didn't work properly.

The striping on the pillow cases (center) is a visual great treat. The front pillows are horizontal, the rear are vertical and have an off white border. Added up, the horizontal, vertical and borders mimic the crosshatching of the headboard pad and the gold framed headboard. Very subtle, and exquisite. Stuff like this doesn't really offer any tangible 'worth' at least relating to the comfort of one's stay. What it does do is trigger some of the same areas of the design-aware mind as does the koo-koo stuff downstairs, albeit in a much more comforting and relaxing way.

The opposite night stand - with identical beveled marble top, mirrored front, pull out shelf and a single drawer - features an iPod docking station with alarm clock. (Vintage iPod not included, unless you'd like to make an offer on mine - loaded with the best jams you've ever heard.) I didn't manage to read the iPod dock's specs to figure out if it is compatible with iPhone. iPhones operate on a different voltage than iPods and leaving one in a dock that does not have step voltage capability will result in a broken phone. If it does not have a "Works with iPhone" sticker on it, don't put your phone in there!

Encore Las Vegas Room Review Photos - Turndown

Turndown Service

Housekeeping performs turn down service every evening, usually after dinner. If you leave the electronic 'do not disturb' light on, they will put a door hanger on the knob saying they came and who to contact should you require the service before conking out. Turndown consists of a general straightening up of the room, presentation of slippers on either side of the bed, placing two chocolates and the remote control on the near night stand, placing a 'Sweet Dreams' bookmark pillow side and - if you're lucky - replacement of water in your bubbler. Sweet dreams indeed.

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Comments & Discussion

This has to be THE definitive review of Encore's rooms. Nicely done.

I love the houndstooth. Like the lattice pattern, I found the houndstooth used subtly throughout the resort, especially in the spa. Interestingly enough, my room did not have it but all the other ones I saw did.

Room 1948? Is it because the Chinese think 4 is a very very unlucky number? Nice review BTW

taking the Chinese numerology a step further, for the I Ching freaks out there: 1 9 4 8=22, 2 2=4, and as the lovely RockChick already noted, 4 is unlucky. The I Ching is an ancient chinese prophesizing/divination/fortune telling system, basing everything on the numbers 1-9.

Wonderful review, as always. Gracias. Encore's suites reflect everything presented in the casino and esplanade, but in a more subtle, sleek way. The suite itself doesn't look as glitzy as Palazzo's suites, but the overall package seems to be far more appealing than Palazzo. I still regret taking Excalibur's free room offer....

Just got home from a three day stay at Encore and this was nearly the perfect summary of our trip. While we lacked any shower problems, the door had to be pushed on very hard to get open and then closed very slowly unless you push it closed. The house keeper told us that most of them are the opposite, slaming shut way too fast. Left her a $40 tip (since we were going to be there 4 days) and asked for some extra towels ... came back that night to find two stacks of fresh and fluffy towels nearly 2 feet high. She even came back the next day to say thank you and ask if we needed anything else. My only complaint about the Encore is that you MUST go on the strip to get there. Most places have a back entrance for self parking or valet off of Koval or Frank Sinatra (depending on what side of the strip your on) but to get into the Encore you must turn off of the Strip and on to Wynn Blvd. Still the Nicest place on the Strip ATM.

Hi Chuck.... greetings from Deltacape after a long hiatus... That's a great review of Encore... We're planning a visit to the city in a few weeks and will surely check out Steve's new creation... Nice job!

The "Shatphone". In case of emergency, please dial housekeeping or the front desk, for more shat-paper. Thank you, and enjoy your stay.

does anyone have any idea where you can buy the popcorn?
or who packages them for wynn/encore?

I am planning a trip to Vegas in May and my package includes the 700 sqft RESORT SUITE at the Encore. Does anyone have any "tips" or "comments" for me? Feedback on their RESORT ROOMS would be helpful. Do they come with a view? If so ~ what are my options? Thx in advance ~ much appreciated!!

stood at encore last year and will return this year. amazing room with excellent service from bell staff, front desk and maids. my 1 single gripe that I can make is that I was sad to see it was not a jetted bath tub. I kinda expected a Wynn hotel to have that going for it but was disappointed to not see that. everything is phenomenal and is the best room I have stayed in vegas. so much so , i am returning for my bday.

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