Excalibur Widescreen Rooms : Photo Review By TIavEN

Photo Review of the New Widescreen Rooms at Excalibur

Posted by TIavEN

Excalibur Widescreen Rooms Review

The widescreen bathroom featured granite counter tops and a modern sink, which was surprisingly large and deep. If I were to redesign the room, I would've designed the bathroom with two smaller double sinks, so that you're not forced to share a sink. That would be the smarter thing to do judging from the fact that the clientele is the Brady Bunch family. The bath products were standard "Royal Treatment" spa items, which could might have well have been bought from CVS and rebranded. Not pictured here is the towel storage under the sink.

Excalibur Widescreen Rooms Review

The toilet was pretty high off the ground, but had no flushing power. If you wanted to flush consecutively, you'd have to wait about 45 minutes just to flush again. Not so nice of a touch.

Woohoo! No toilet phone. I don't get what the point of talking on a corded phone while dumping is. No one wants to pay the long distance fee that the hotels will charge you for calling, and chances are, you have a cell phone. No matter how wonderful your experiences are, nobody will ever want to converse with a person that's excreting their lunch.

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That horrible hanging lamp has got to be a leftover from the old rooms with a new shade on it. And you're right, that dresser the flat screen is "on" looks beat up.
But this is definitely a step up for Excalibur. I used to stay there when I was a teenager with my family and we always had the old crappy rooms.

I've stayed at Excalibur many times over many years and can't argue with some of the reviewer's comments, but I feel that the reviewer is a bit too critical of this hotel. For someone who in not interested in "Five-diamond luxuries" and the price that goes with them, I feel the Excalibur's new rooms make for a nice hotel. As for the bathrooms, I've always liked the extra large shower and the tile has never been an issue.

Last month, I had another opportunity to stay at Luxor (tower room), which I do occasionally, and I always feel the Excalibur's rooms have the edge on Luxor's even though the general ratings show the Excalibur below the Luxor.

Excalibur is by no means perfect, but if you are looking for a comfortable, reasonably priced place to stay, give it a try.

I agree, I was a bit too critical on Excalibur, but then again, I'm too accustomed to the Wynn's amenities. But for the price, the rooms are great, and as I said, they beat most of the non-renovated rooms in the older hotels.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, pick on them all you want, I'll take it for $27 a night. I will even put up with the snob at the desk.

Other than time at the pool or at the (generally friendly) bars, I will be spending my time ($) elsewhere.

Gotta save for those fried twinkies. :

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