Circus Circus Las Vegas : The VegasTripping Review 2009

How Many Clowns Can You Fit Into The New Rooms at Circus Circus?

Posted by Chuckmonster

Eventually, I managed my way through the snot mosh pit to the higher floor elevators where I alone rode up to the 24th floor. Upon exiting the landing I searched high and low for the standard "« 24500-24651 | 24652-24842 »" placard but found nothing. I subconsciously chose left (left handed?) and headed half way down the hallway before figuring out that the numbers weren't going my way then wheeled around and went all the way back to room #24842 way at the far end of the hall.

Just a note, there is no video walkthrough this time.

Circus Circus Las Vegas Review - New Rooms : Room

Voila. The new rooms at Circus Circus.

Gone are the old orange and turquoise ones with the springy mattresses, replaced by a more subtle color palette and real pillow top mattresses. Old hyper orange wooden desk chairs and fixtures have been replaced by dark woods and candy color upholstered prints. The room is bright, cheery and very comfortable.

Circus Circus Las Vegas Review - New Rooms : Textur

Like many of the newer rooms at MGM Mirage properties, texture and patterns are quite rich and detailed. (L to R: Chair/Johnny Carson curtain, entry wallpaper, carpet, bathroom wallpaper, ottoman.)

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Comments & Discussion

Great review. It's essentially the Circus Circus version of Excalibur's widescreen rooms, although it's not half as worn out and has a tub. If I were to go to Vegas next year and my only two options were C2 and XC, I'd actually opt for these rooms at Circus Circus because of the soon to be fantastic location.

This place seems like it would be right up my alley. I went in there once and thought it was creepy, but the rooms look clean and functional and that is all I need while in Vegas.

I pose a question to you, Chuckmonster: Do you think room rates will go up at C2 once the other stuff gets built around it or will its prices stay at the low-rolling level the place itself is at?

simple : if demand rises, so will rates.

Great reveiw, I have only been to this casino twice in 10 years. Nice to see they are attempting to spruce up their property and giving their patrons cleaner and updated rooms. I also learned something new C2....

Did you hit the casino or Carousel Bar while you were there?

@donnymac nope. this was a bed to sleep in between encore opening events.

So you didn't see a woman f*cking a polar bear?

@jmtheman, if your looking for functional/not fancy, cheap, and fantastic location, try Bill's. I satyed there in July, it provided all of the above, plus the casino wasn't half bad. Oh yeah, and BIG ELVIS!

@DTownSteve, thanks for the heads-up. I have always wanted to stay at Bill's but it's been expensive for any time I've gone in relation to other deals I have gotten.

I have heard good things about its rooms though and I have definitely already eaten in the Victoria Room (nice prime rib special) and gambled there as well.

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