Circus Circus Las Vegas : The VegasTripping Review 2009

How Many Clowns Can You Fit Into The New Rooms at Circus Circus?

Posted by Chuckmonster

Circus Circus Las Vegas Review - New Rooms :

The venerable Circus Circus has sat atop our annual readers poll in nearly every "worst" category for four years running. Having not visited the Big Top on the Strip since 2004, we figured that now would be as good a time as any to sleep in glow of clowns and see what exactly is going on.

Our room at Circus Circus was booked via VT's hotel reservation system after doing comparison shopping via Kayak and eyeballing specific deals direct from MGM Mirage. The rate of $28.50/nt for a standard King Room proved to be bottom of the fluctuation trend. Rooms in 'The Manor' were cheaper as expected, but there's no way in hell we'd stay back there.

Arrival at Circus Circus by car was relatively easy although the parking garage there is a complete nightmare. Nothing irritates me more than lousy drivers who are selfish and idiotic. Aaaargh. FYI, the top level of the Circus Circus parking garage has a great view into the back of Echelon for those interested in copping a peep of concrete and steel. Another tip - there is a bridge from the 3rd floor of the garage to the promenade level (2) inside the hotel. Access to resort elevators is nearby and you don't have to go out and around to get to the lobby, just down.

Circus Circus Las Vegas Review - New Rooms : Room

Check in took a near eternity... just shy of 40 minutes (see iPhone stopwatch above.) I'm not sure if this was caused by a technical snafu, as there was a help desk guy fiddling with one of the computers. Eventually, a third receptionist showed up which, while speeding up the line, thwarted my hope to talk to the cute receptionist with the punk rocker hairdo. When I finally did get to the counter, the dude who helped me was super nice and sorted out my upgrade request (+$10/nt) put me exactly where I wanted to be (higher floor, end room, facing Fontainebleau.) I didn't try the "$20 trick" as $20 might be more than what any upgrade at Circus Circus was worth.

After all was said and done, he pointed me towards the hotel elevators (adjacent to the lobby) and off I went. The hotel elevators were a complete mob scene, complicated by unclear signage which designates one bank of elevators for higher floors and one for lower floors. Add to the mix one broken elevator whose door was always open but didn't work. Take all that and add luggage, 35 adults and 20 booger covered children. Circus Circus also has the highest percentage of elevator etiquette offenders : 90%. For those unaware, the general rule is :

Don't get on the elevator until people trying to get off, do.

Learn it. Live it. Love it.

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Great review. It's essentially the Circus Circus version of Excalibur's widescreen rooms, although it's not half as worn out and has a tub. If I were to go to Vegas next year and my only two options were C2 and XC, I'd actually opt for these rooms at Circus Circus because of the soon to be fantastic location.

This place seems like it would be right up my alley. I went in there once and thought it was creepy, but the rooms look clean and functional and that is all I need while in Vegas.

I pose a question to you, Chuckmonster: Do you think room rates will go up at C2 once the other stuff gets built around it or will its prices stay at the low-rolling level the place itself is at?

simple : if demand rises, so will rates.

Great reveiw, I have only been to this casino twice in 10 years. Nice to see they are attempting to spruce up their property and giving their patrons cleaner and updated rooms. I also learned something new C2....

Did you hit the casino or Carousel Bar while you were there?

@donnymac nope. this was a bed to sleep in between encore opening events.

So you didn't see a woman f*cking a polar bear?

@jmtheman, if your looking for functional/not fancy, cheap, and fantastic location, try Bill's. I satyed there in July, it provided all of the above, plus the casino wasn't half bad. Oh yeah, and BIG ELVIS!

@DTownSteve, thanks for the heads-up. I have always wanted to stay at Bill's but it's been expensive for any time I've gone in relation to other deals I have gotten.

I have heard good things about its rooms though and I have definitely already eaten in the Victoria Room (nice prime rib special) and gambled there as well.

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