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A Conspiracy of Clowns

Posted by Chuckmonster

Viva McDonalds Las Vegas Strip Review -  Sandwich

Opening the sandwich box revealed an inscription under the 'hood' (not pictured) which read: "CRISPY" and "ALL THE BEST" followed by more of the same nonsense as on the outside of the box.

Taking the sandwich out of the box, the lettuce seems to have slid out from beneath the honey roll, most likely caused by speedy preparation or the 6 tablespoons of mayonnaise gobbed on both sides of it. Some kind of swiss cheese and razor thin bacon sat on top of the crispy piece of chicken breast. When flipped over, the bottom of the roll looked just like your standard burger bun and not nearly as fancy as the poofy french roll styled top.

Viva McDonalds Las Vegas Strip Review - Fries

Soda : Dr. Pepper. The 10 or so ice cubes I put in there seems to have melted already even though it was 40 degrees outside. Fries were lightly salted and not at the optimal temperature due to the walk and my goofing around with the camera.

So, I ate the sandwich and about half of the fries before I tapped out. I've never had this offering from McDonald's before and I'm not exactly sure if I will again. The amount of mayo was startling and the chicken didn't really have any seasoning. Compared to similar offerings from other fast food joints, I'd surely prefer the classic Burger King Chicken Sandwich (greasy no frills delicious) or the new Jack In the Box Chicken Ciabata (great ciabata roll, tangy sauce, heaping amounts of fresh tomato and lettuce). I did manage to throw a coupla fries underneath the bed to see if housekeeping would catch them the next day but forgot to check.

So, after I ate the thing I plugged all my gadgets in for recharging, checked email and responded to tons of Encore related tweets, did a little IM with Miss Monkay, downloaded the photos from my camera and posted some pics and commentary. Beat, I headed off to bed at about 3:40am and dozed off shortly thereafter.

About a half hour later I was awoken by the sound of the veins in my neck. Pounding. I woke up instantly and noticed that my heart was pounding and I kinda felt a little sick. I got out of bed, turned the light on stood at the window and took a number of very deep breaths while staring at the truly massive Fontainebleau tower.


I went over to the bathroom and drank two cellophane wrapped dixie cups of water, stretched out my arms and back and took some deep breaths. The thumping stopped and I went back to bed.

Too much holiday cheer? The Tell Tale French Fry beating beneath the bed? Encore opening exhaustion? Am I having my very own Morgan Spurlock moment? Is this a conspiracy of Vegas clowns?

Nope... Viva McDonalds and I'm livin' it. Intrepidly.

What's the opposite of 'viva' anyways?

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When I was out there a few weeks back, I noticed the Viva McDonald's signs on a number of cabs, and I think even on the side of a Deuce bus or two. My first meal my first trip to Vegas was at the old McDonald's this replaces.

I will give the Mickie D's folks some props for moving away from the old style architecture that have been in use for 30 years. They've torn a few down around town where my route takes me and the new ones look less obnoxious and in some cases, blend in with the area. In some parts of town, the McDonald's never looked like McDonald's because of the zoning and architecture laws. There's one in a town up in North Georgia that looks like a Bavarian building because the town is a tourist trap, I mean destination, in which nearly all of the buildings resemble a Bavarian village.

If you're reviewing the Viva McDonald's, what next, a review of Sexxpresso or perhaps the hot dogs @ Mermaids (BTW, is it wrong to love their deep fried Twinkies?)?

"Oh, Chuck, went to the new McDonalds and took photos."
(reads to page 2)
"Uh... Is he actually going to do a review on the FOOD?"
(gets to the end of page 3)
"Whoa. Holy crap."

Your near-hospitalization experience probably just swore me off of fast food for, uhhhh, two days. That's America for you.

i thought for sure that when you said "i woke up a half hour later" that you were going to say that you were racing to the bathroom to rid your colon of the gastric bomb that is mickey d's.

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