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Viva McDonalds Las Vegas Strip Review

I've never fully understood the true gravity of the oft tossed about term 'intrepid reporter.' Usually, journalists tack it onto their stories in a goofball sorta way. By the book, intrepid means 'fearless, adventurous' and my dictionary uses "our intrepid reporter" as an example usage. I don't consider what we do here as 'journalism' either.

I hadn't expected much from my trip to Viva McDonalds other than a possibly goofy little story about how many fries were in a 'large.' I don't eat beef (allergic) and when forced or get the craving to do the fast food, McDonald's is usually my last choice.

Walking back to my room from Encore the night before the soft grand opening, I decided to make a quick detour into the brand new Viva McDonalds, built atop the hallowed low rolling ground of the old Westward, Ho!. Harrah's bought the property a few years ago and swapped it to Boyd Gaming for Barbary Coast. Harrah's ended up with the whole block down at Flamingo Road and Boyd had the option swap some land with McDonalds, moving the then-current McDonalds 200 feet away from their Echelon project to a new location next to Slots-A-Fun.

The result, Viva McDonalds, opened a few months ago to the usual Vegas fanfare. Being curious, and a slight bit peckish, I decided to give it a shot.

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When I was out there a few weeks back, I noticed the Viva McDonald's signs on a number of cabs, and I think even on the side of a Deuce bus or two. My first meal my first trip to Vegas was at the old McDonald's this replaces.

I will give the Mickie D's folks some props for moving away from the old style architecture that have been in use for 30 years. They've torn a few down around town where my route takes me and the new ones look less obnoxious and in some cases, blend in with the area. In some parts of town, the McDonald's never looked like McDonald's because of the zoning and architecture laws. There's one in a town up in North Georgia that looks like a Bavarian building because the town is a tourist trap, I mean destination, in which nearly all of the buildings resemble a Bavarian village.

If you're reviewing the Viva McDonald's, what next, a review of Sexxpresso or perhaps the hot dogs @ Mermaids (BTW, is it wrong to love their deep fried Twinkies?)?

"Oh, Chuck, went to the new McDonalds and took photos."
(reads to page 2)
"Uh... Is he actually going to do a review on the FOOD?"
(gets to the end of page 3)
"Whoa. Holy crap."

Your near-hospitalization experience probably just swore me off of fast food for, uhhhh, two days. That's America for you.

i thought for sure that when you said "i woke up a half hour later" that you were going to say that you were racing to the bathroom to rid your colon of the gastric bomb that is mickey d's.

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