CanadianCrapsShooter's Random Drunken (Vegas) Thoughts : 2

Very nice but I wouldn't have spent $25 million on it

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Canadian Craps Shooters Random Drunken Thoughts

Here's the next installment of our Random Drunken thoughts. We limit ourselves to take down notes only when we're drinking and, because of the marathon, this trip was a light drinking one. One last note; Lowcaliber = Excalibur (a la Five Hundy).

  • Lowcaliber has a Santa in the front entry way to take pictures with, just like a mall. Santa = Kids. At least put him down on the lower level, away from everyone.
  • I understand why malls and stores play Christmas music but why would hotels and casinos? Do people just spend more money on anything when they hear it?
  • Paris, what are you doing? Get your shit together and install some auto water dispensers in the washrooms. Or for gods sake make the manual ones run for more than 3 seconds.
  • Why in the fuck do I need to ride an escalator down from the atrium level in the Luxor then walk up some stairs then walk down some stairs to get to the casino?
  • Ballys walkway is so spacey
  • The Flamingo has some fucked up doors
  • WTF? Mickey D's (across from the Mirage) washrooms are locked down. When a guy has gotta go he's gotta go. And to top it all off there are no mirrors.
  • Booze in a plastic Rock Band style guitar. That is neat.
  • Octane bar in Lowcaliber needs a motorcycle in that damn display case.
  • Luxor galleria needs some more shops. Its so depressing to walk through.
  • New Mirage Volcano - Very nice but I wouldn't have spent $25 million on it.
  • Blackjack Switch @ Casino Royale is fun.
  • Champagne Brunch FTW!

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Lowcaliber=funny. We call it the Tragic Kingdom. Could you please elaborate on the Flamingo doors.

The north casino doors (by the south Margaritaville entrance I think) have the hinge ~8-10" in, toward the handle, instead of the usual outside edge. You would expect the door to swing out 30" or whatever width the door is. Instead it swings out 20" and the other side swings in 10". With those crazy doors, we were about 2 drinks away from some serious injuries!

The Luxor needs more shops other than CRISS ANGEL. I swear, coming off that moving walkway from ye olde Excalibur right to the left there are like four Criss Angel stores I swear and about 10 of his bikes in display cases. (Ok maybe not 10 but at least 5)

We were staying in the East tower and everyday we had to walk through that depressing place. Some fast food joints might be a good idea.

Agree on those doors at the south Margaritaville entrance, I about put my face through the glass the first time. I understand the idea behing having the hinge away from the door frame, but if you're not expecting it, look out (especially after a few beverages).

something is seriously wrong with the text in all of canadian crapshooter's posts. somhow one line overlays the previous line. if his note is only one line then a blank line, it looks fine. if its two or more lines they all end up displayed on one line and are totally illegible. chuckmonster help!


send a screenshot your browser version (IE6, 7, 8 Firefox etc) to info at this domain and we'll take a look at it.

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