VegasEats: Society Cafe at Encore Las Vegas

The Importance of Being Tasty

Posted by Chuckmonster

Society Cafe Encore Las Vegas

For starters, we ordered a shrimp cocktail and crab cake. The shrimp came with a small saucer of ketchup with horseradish sprinkled on top, flaky fried wontons disguised as tortilla chips and a small dish of smooth as silk pureed guacamole. The shrimp was a bit rubbery, inconsistent and lacked the standard mouth melting crunchy snap. Try as I have, I can't really figure out the point of this ensemble.

Society Cafe Encore Las Vegas

Piercing the breading of the crab cake, revealed large chunks of perfectly cooked crab meat, whose natural taste could be easily overpowered by the wasabi-hot side dipping sauce. The jicama and apple slaw side packed an incredibly acidic citrus whallop.

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It should be noted that when I asked for bread, the waiter said that bread was not offered during the late night menu. This baffled me because
1. There were bread plates on the table, teasing me
2. Never had I heard the phrase that essentially said 'no' at the Wynn

In any case, he offered to speak with the manager about getting me some, I added, with my best hongray face, 'could you?' but I never did hear from him again.


So is this their "24 hour" coffee shop deal like all the hotels have? That's an expensive lettuce wedge. I hope it's the best lettuce you've ever tasted. For that price I'd better get laid. j/k

Yeah, I guess now that you mention it the lettuce wedge was expensive. But it did come with a lovely roqueford and a strip of bacon. It was probably the tastiest thing I had there.

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