The New Rooms : The M Suites at Harrah's Las Vegas

Harrah's Goes Modern... Oh Yeah?

Posted by Chuckmonster

Harrah's Las Vegas M Suites Review

The Bed

The bedding features four pillows, a cylindrical bolster, pillow top mattress, white duvet with floral print throw, night stands that are nearly identical to those in the new rooms at TI, a super sleek Bang & Olufsen phone (which glows) and an exquisite brushed nickel table lamp.

The headboard makes me hungry for Hersheys.

Harrah's Las Vegas M Suites Review

Unfortunately, the photos that we managed to pry from the PR folks at Harrah's Entertainment only tell part of the story. The above four panel (minus the bottom right) consists of photos poached from Harrah's website. The angles are infinitely better and show the true layout of the room. Here we can see the mondo 42" HD LCD bedroom TV, the recessed lighting over the bed, the faux Rothko, various furnishings (including the desk) and the blue neon glow of the super groovy brushed aluminum Bang & Olufsen phone system. M Suites have WiFi too.

Also of note in the bottom right panel is the star decoration on the top corner of the headboard. It's identical to the cockeyed star in Harrah's logo - how about that for subtle branding!

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Comments & Discussion

Gary Loveman must have been listening to the latest Vegas Gang podcast where the boys were talking about how Harrahs doesn't reinvest in their properties like MGM does.

Ha! I still just couldn't get too excited about staying at Harrahs.

I liked the rooms until I saw the bathroom.....that wallpaper is horrible! It looks like someone's grandma's bathroom. I get what they're trying to do with it but still its way to much

i find the rooms very interesting but that doesnt mean that I would choose to stay at Harrah's and I am a Total Rewards member. The wall paper in the bedroom is kind of barf worthy and the floral pattern in the bathroom isnt that great either. As for how much I would pay for a night I have to remember that this it still Harrah's. Would I be willing to spend more than 200-300 a night for a suite in a hotel that isnt the greatest to begin with? I would say maybe. Its an interesting move but i dont know if it's going to get a lot of folks to pick Harrah's over a more well regarded hotel.

Well I was doing just fine until you mentioned the wallpaper was the color scheme of Freddy Krueger's sweater. Now that image is stuck in my mind. OK, I'm a chicken, but if the price is right, I probably would still check out the rooms. Thanks for the review, can't wait for the walkthrough.

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